David Bloch

Yassine Yaze Mekhnache at David Bloch

January 29, 2015 The David Bloch Gallery have announced a new solo exhibition by French artist Yassine YAZE Mekhnache titled The Conference of the Birds.
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Lieven Dirckx, AVANTGAND

Artist of the Week - Luc Tuymans

January 29, 2015 Arguably, painting as a formative style of Fine Arts has lost some of its momentum with the arrival of the new forms of modern expressions.
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Conquer The Concrete

Look The Weird's Chronicles: Street Art Chennai Part 2

January 29, 2015 Oh my gosh! Where to begin? For some days my brain has soaked up so many things into its depths that I really can’t tell when it will decide to release all that information, but let me try to dive in for some memories.
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Sabrina Moeller 11

Sabrina Möller – Curator at Galerie Steinek

January 27, 2015 One of Vienna’s most exciting contemporary art galleries, Galerie Steinek, hosts a thrilling new exhibition entitled Verortungen.
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