Graffiti Prize 2014

July 30, 2014 EDF and Graffart Association have launched the first graffiti competition in France. This collaborative project aims to discover and highlight the emerging artists of the French graffiti scene and give them the chance to present their art.
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The Widewalls Features

Artists that paint women

10 Artists that paint women

July 29, 2014 Today we take a quick look at ten contemporary urban artists that take inspiration in women.
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Nature of Street Art

The Nature of Street Art

July 30, 2014 If it’s a cultural phenomenon, how should street art be preserved then? As a documented memory, or as a collection of source artwork, comprising the marvel of urban creativity?
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Interview Highlights - Parker Ito

Interview Highlights: Parker Ito

July 26, 2014 Parker Ito is a very interesting guy. He is an artist without a signature, recognizable style or technique; he hates discussing his own artwork, reading and long sleeping.
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