Art Market San Francisco 2017 - The 7th Edition of the Leading Bay Area Fair

With top international exhibitors and special public projects, Art Market..

A Chemistry in Art of Alexia Tailleur and Sylvie Mangaud at Galerie Geraldine Banier

While Sylvie Mangaud art pieces are characterized by lightness, finesse,..

Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality at the Royal Academy of Arts

At the Royal Academy Schools in London, the year 2017 has started with..

Body Printing

In the method of body printing or casts, artists use the human figure..

Homage to Bonnard, 1972

The subject of nude bathers is a recurring theme in the history of art...

A Major Retrospective of Irving Penn Photography Soon at The Met!

The most comprehensive exhibition of the great Irving Penn photography..

Performance Art and its Journey to Recognition

We could start the journey of performance art as we know it today in Ancient..

Photographer Ren Hang Dies at 30 - But His Poetry of the Nude Lives On

February 24th, 2017 was the day the art world was shook by the sudden..

David Hamilton - The Controversial Photographer

Due to the controversies that surround the life and death of David Hamilton,..

On the Edge 7 - Another Edition of the Ultimate Erotic Art Exhibition

Those in and around Bay Area interested in provocative artwork can surely..

A Perfectionist - A Large Retrospective of Robert Mapplethorpe Photos at Kunsthal Rotterdam

More than two decades after his death, Robert Mapplethorpe photos will..

Art as Very Necessary - A Talk with KID CASH Ahead of his Urban Spree Show

A new body of KID CASH art which will soon be on view at Urban Spree Galerie..

Stephen Romano Gallery Bringing Daring Photography and Surrealist Drawing to SCOPE NY!

For this year’s SCOPE New York, Stephen Romano Gallery has prepared..

Kalashnikovv Gallery to Open a Contemplative Group Exhibition

Kalashnikovv Gallery group exhibition The Whole is Greater than the Sum..

Ashley Oubre - Defeat, 2015

The Miami-based artist Ashley Oubré is known for her exquisite photorealism...

An Interview with Billy Ma - a Spiritual Humanist of the Art World

The life and art journey of Billy Ma has taken him from Taiwan, to Canada,..

Behind the Many Interpretations of The Temptation of St Anthony

The story of the temptation of St Anthony, told by his biographer St...

The Latest Group Exhibition at Arusha Gallery Pays Homage to The Amorist

The term amorist is defined as “a devotee of love and especially sexual..

Card Players, 1991

The theme of men sitting around a table playing cards is well known in..

Mel Ramos - Bonnard's Bath, 1979

Devoted to the female nude, the art of Mel Ramos elevated the traditional..