Ben Aldis and Sam Pitcher
Ben Aldis and Sam Pitcher
United Kingdom
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  • contemporary art

2SickBastards (aka 2SB) is an artist duo, based in London. This art and design collaboration was established in 2003 by Ben Aldis and Sam Pitcher, and together they are playing with iconic images and well known logograms, making provoking, cynical perspective of commercial world and celebrity-obsessed culture.

Complexity of their artworks is noticeable, with each character containing allusions on either prominent political persons or cult figures of the pop-history, where associations merge together to create a strong message. Their motto ‘We are not you, we’re not just doin’ it, we’re not lovin’ it and we are not the real thing’ as well as their saying ‘this planet is a sea of shit and we’re wading through it to bring the best of the worst to you’, summarize all the feelings 2SickBastards nurture towards brands and consumers culture.

The spray paintings by 2SB often refer to current and controversial events, with sophisticated puns and hidden details, transforming pop icons into freaks and laughing stocks of their own questionable images. The overall themes within their work come from the bizarre underbelly of modern life, tabloid newspaper sensationalism and public celebrity obsession, as well as the corrupt and self-serving nature of big business and world politics, with a dose of counter-culture, B-movies, comics, and punk attitude. Using the aesthetics of Pin-up and advertising posters, in their works they often emerge black and white contrasts that are soften by shrill, bright colors, with characteristic usage of graphic forms with definite outlines. In spite of the reduction to the essential or even because of it their works cause a strong recognizable effect on the viewer.

This partnership originally started as a T-Shirt label with global spread, selling to retail outlets in UK, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Holland, Greece and Spain.

2SB had solo art exhibitions in London and Düsseldorf and contributed to group exhibitions worldwide. They were also featured in many fashion and design magazines and published in several art and design books.