Alice Tippit

Alice Tippit
Alice Tippit
Alice Tippit
United States
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  • Alice Tippit at Night club, Installation view - image courtesy of Contemporary Art Daily

The artistic practice of Alice Tippit can hardly be confined in one phrase or term. Although the resemblance to pop art might easily be applied, the artist is eager to expand slightly different direction. Actually, she is interested in the language creation and how the meanings change easily depending on the context. That can be applied to both real and painterly language and exactly that ambiguity makes her work refreshing and authentic. Simple and purified forms that are dominant function as signifiers of our daily lives and represent Tippit’s need to articulate her personal philosophical views.

On her home page you can find new oil canvas from New York gallery show

Alice Tippit – Lake Aspect, 2012 – image via newamericanpaintings.files.wordpress


Forming To Become The Artist

Alice Tippit was born in 1975, in Independence, Kansas. During high school period she attended art classes at the Nelson Museum of Art in Kansas City, so the decision to pursue the career of an artist came as natural. Afterward, Tippit collected her BA and MA in Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing AT School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The artist has had solo exhibitions at Jancar Jones Gallery in Los Angeles, Important Projects in San Francisco, and at PEREGRINEPROGRAM in Chicago, among others, as well as many group exhibitions across the United States.

Formal vocabulary comprised of familiar symbols, shapes and forms

In 2016 the certain web news published photos of her geometrical canvas to the inches

Alice Tippit – Win Win, 2014 – image courtesy of the artist


Constructing Personal Style

The artistic practice of Alice Tippit is basically conceived out of the interest in deployment of meanings. That means that she creates graphic, hard-edge shapes fulfilled with color which are representations of sights and observations from her everyday life. Those humorous images are constructed practically out of free association and therefore inviting and somehow interactive because they allow the observer possibility of interpretation. Interestingly, the effect they produce seems to be flat and clean from afar, yet closer observation shows the surface is constructed out of layers of visible brush marks and slight variations in color.

Hard-edge works full of subtleness and precision

The layers and inches of oil on canvas are news in her work in 2016

Alice Tippit – Peaks, 2015 – image via


Re-defined Pop Forms

The works of Alice Tippit are without any doubt driven by Pop art as a main influence. Especially the work of Tom Wesselmann seems to be relevant which is apparent by the way she is expressing shapes and how is she dealing with color. On the other hand, Tippit claims the other artist she admires very much is Barbara Bloom is known for conceptual artworks, as well as surrealist oeuvre of Rene Magritte. Tippit remains focused on a reduction of geometrical forms in order to accentuate formal qualities which is indeed similar to the strategies of some of her influences. Yet, her works are thought within and against the logic of images and the stability of pictorial space which makes them in touch with contemporary art currents.

Wide array of meanings and metaphors

The inches of oil Tippit is using from 2016 to express the surface better

Alice Tippit – La Force, 2015, Installation view – image via parislondonhongkong


Keeping In Track With Success

The career of Alice Tippit develops rather fast and her exhibitions were reviewed in the influential press like New York Times and Artforum. In 2013 she was honored with the George and Ann Siegel Fellowship and in 2006 received Artist Trust GAP for expenses related to finishing and promoting a new body of work. Tippit’s intimate and surreal graphic paintings are at the same time poetic and enigmatic. Interwoven out of associative narratives, they are visually provoking and call for some kind of communication.

Alice Tippit lives and works in Chicago.


Featured image: Alice Tippit at Night club, Installation view – image courtesy of Contemporary Art Daily
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