Anna Taratiel

Anna Taratiel
Anna Taratiel
Anna Taratiel
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Anna Taratiel, previously known as Ovni, is Spanish contemporary artist born in 1982, in Barcelona. She got diploma in graphic design from Vapor University, Terrassa, in 2002, as well as in painting from Escola La Llotja, in 2005, and MA in Art direction from Escola Elisava, Barcelona, in 2010.

She has developed a particular style, dominated by colorful and abstract mental landscapes that live in the imaginary space. Using a wide range of simple materials like wood, cardboard, threat and painting she creates collages and installations that provoke an intriguing visual confusion between the two and three dimensions of space. Anna’s work is not about abstractions but about the creation of structures and layers in a fantasy world that’s almost tactile.

She creates her own landscapes by transforming movements into visible forms. The organic and the static, the two poles which make up our life, flow into Anna’s work. These poles communicate with each other, unite, work against each other, change fronts, disappear and surprise in completely unexpected place and order. She pushes people and objects, machines, antagonisms and similarities to exchange, to communication. Without orientation, detached from former meanings, characteristics, valuations and determinations, artist commits herself and her works to the forces and their new statements being released in this process.

Taratiel’s newest body of works is consisted of paintings on canvas, drawings and assemblages of found materials, such as tape. The smooth and clear-cut qualities of the recycled pieces of tape invigorate the graphicness of her work.

Anna Taratiel has been pursuing a parallel path both in the gallery world as well as out on the street. So far she exhibited in Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, USA and Brazil to name a few and her art is seen in the streets of many cities.

Currently she is residing in Amsterdam.