Audrey Stone

Audrey Stone
Audrey Stone
Audrey Stone
United States
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Audrey Stone is an artist whose subtle and bold aesthetics explores the differences between texture and the materials as well as the tension between genders in the society. She uses ink, graphite, and thread to create an array of colorful angular art pieces that captivate in their simplicity. Audrey Stone is fascinated by geometrical forms but also finds the time to explore the deep symbolism that both colors and materials have for people all over the globe.


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Audrey Stone – Is Beautiful Was Beautiful Is, 2014


Audrey Stone Biography

Audrey Stone knew she wanted to be an artist since she was at school. She got her BFA at Pratt Institute where she also sold her first painting, after which she got her MFA from Hunter College, in New York. In 2007 she began a new art series and created an array of paper works by applying thread, ink, and pencil onto a grid format. It’s difficult to make a distinction between the different materials at first but upon closer inspection, it becomes noticeable that certain lines are drawn in pencil and ink while other are sewn into the paper. While inspecting her artworks the viewers can get the idea that the drawn lines are a two-dimensional representation of the thread or the other way around. Later own she began using angles and random patterns thus developing her work further.


Gender tensions present in every society are a common topic of Audrey Stone’s mix media pieces

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Audrey Stone – Full Flush, 2015 (left) / Flush (right)


Sewn Paintings by Audrey Stone

The creation of sewn paintings represents a new stage in Audrey Stones career. Fascination with color and line remained but the painter turned away from paper and began working on canvas and linen. Also, her work became more colorful and complex. Audrey Stone began to use thread as a way of inserting color and a sense of the third dimension to her pieces, thus adding a sculptural element to her work. Thread has a deeply symbolic meaning. For centuries thread was used by women as a mean of production. Even today thread is deeply connected with female crafts. Thread has the ability to repair, decorate and keep pieces together. Paint, on the other hand, comes from patriarchal lineage. Paint is easier to use, apply and manipulate. By combining the two,patriarchal and female materials, Audrey Stone question omnipresent gender tensions present in every society.


Photo of a solo exhibition at the artist’s hometown New York

Grey line drawing series created in Brooklyn in the years 2013, 2010, and june 2011

Solo Exhibition at Muriel Guepin gallery, NYC 2015


Painting Technique that Portrays Emotions

Audrey Stone paintings contain many layers that are quick to confront the viewer with numerous changes in the surface. First layer of paint usually soaks right through the canvas but slowly, as the artwork progresses linen and canvas base gets covered in layers of paint that transform rough fabric into a smooth surface. Audrey Stone uses tape to control the movement of the paint which enables her to create edges in her abstract work, something that has been her fascination since the early days. There a lot of symbolism in the color itself. Every individual sees color in a different way but yet there are some common conceptions people share about each individual color. For example, blue can symbolize the sky or the ocean, red can symbolize blood and black death. Audrey Stone uses a rich color palette to portray emotions and create contrast thus adding a human touch to her abstract artworks.

Audrey Stone is represented by IdeelArt.

She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Featured image : Audrey Stone Solo Exhibition at Muriel Guepin gallery, NYC 2015
Images courtesy of IdeelArt.