Chun Kwang Young

Chun Kwang Young
Chun Kwang Young
Chun Kwang Young
Korea, Republic Of
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  • Chun Kwang Young - Aggregation 12-AU042, detail
Total Turnover: $29,670
Total Number Of Artworks Sold: 1
Total Sell Through Rate: 50.00%

Auctions data of this artist is still in it's beta phase, full details will be available soon!

Aggregation 07-Oc075
163 x 131 cm
Mixed media on korean mulberry paper
$64,475 - $103,160
Not Sold
Not Sold
Aggregation 001-Se073
91.2 x 118 cm
Mixed media on Korean mulberry paper mounted on board
$7,740 - $12,900
$29,670 *
$29,670 *