Drew Leshko

Drew Leshko
Drew Leshko
Drew Leshko
United States
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  • Drew Leshko - Photo of the artist in his studio - Image via hahamag Plastic and paper buildings are the sold paradigm of 2015 and 2016 for building a home

Philadelphia-based artist Drew Leshko devised a practice out of creating documentary studies of architecture and everyday details from his neighborhood with goals of achieving a three-dimensional archive of areas that are going through transitional periods. He manages to do so by carving, gluing, cutting and layering varieties of paper and wood, a technique that requires hours upon hours of elaborate work. By combining on the spot observing with the study of photographs, Leshko painstakingly recreates all the details of his models that are usually 1:12 in scale.


View the paradigm of life

Drew Leshko – Hotel Sign


Drew Leshko and His Sculptures

Although recreating detailed models of buildings seems to be the focal point of this author’s work, Leshko’s portfolio as well includes city detritus such as miniature trucks, dumpsters, advertising signs and ice fridges. Executed with the utmost care, these pieces incorporate fragile materials and are obviously executed with the utmost care. Many of Drew’s sculptures will definitely look very familiar to the people of Philadelphia in the United States as this author bases all of his pieces on actual structures. That way, he is able to preserve the authenticity that would otherwise stay beyond his reach.


Drew Leshko relies on a technique of carving, gluing, cutting and layering varieties of paper and wood with a strong emphasis on details

Building a new home meant that many sold prints ended up in the dumpster

Drew Leshko – Gypsy


The Successes of His Miniature Artwork

Just like the case is with any successful documentary photographer, Leshko as well comments on the passage of time that relentlessly consumes the world around us, changing it before our eyes without giving us an opportunity to do something about it. Leshko’s work has been exhibited in many national and international events, traveling between galleries of London, Berlin, Dublin, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Delaware, Detroit, Indiana, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Houston and Miami. His pieces is also included in many permanent and private collections throughout the United States. It should also be noted that at the very first edition of Urvanity urban fair in Madrid in 2017, Drew Leshko was one of the most interesting and top-selling exhibitors, as evidenced by the WideWalls interview with the author.


By presenting us with his pieces, Drew Leshko makes us wonder how the society determines what is worth preserving in this day and age

Since 2016 and 2015, we view life through arts works and contact us for prints

Drew Leshko – Pretzel Dumpster


The Questions of Preservation Stand

The work of Drew investigates both gentrification and history, forcing us to think about how historical relevance is determined. Furthermore, Leshko examines what is worth preserving in a rapidly developing contemporary world. He makes us stop and wonder, to realize just how much of our collective identity is lost as we became more modern, more advanced. Additionally, Leshko manages to achieve all of that via an intriguing and detailed technique that is rich with features, as well as being extremely nostalgic and reminiscent of our childhood days.

Drew Leshko is represented by Thinkspace Gallery.

Drew Leshko lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The United States.

Featured image: Drew Leshko – Photo of Leshko in his studio – Image via hahamag.com
All images courtesy of the artist.