Daniel Götesson
Daniel Götesson
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  • Street Art

Daniel Götesson aka Ekta is a Swedish contemporary artist born in 1978. He has a pretty individual style – huge fields of colors, often not separated by outlines, making obscure and mysterious, furthermore particularly abstract forms.

At the age of 18 he moved to London with his best friend to skate and stayed there for 9 years. Art came through skateboarding and in some point became more important to him than skating. Ekta gratuaded from the London College of communication with a Bachelor degree in Graphic design and Illustration in 2004.

After living in London for 9 years, Ekta relocated back to his native Sweden in 2005. Since then he has been very active on the Europe art scene. His murals can be found across the continent in Sweden, Poland and England, amongst other countries. He has recently worked on several public art commissions for various municipalities in Sweden.

His work is not limited to street art but also includes sculptures in material such as concrete and wood. Aside his street work, Ekta does editorial illustrations and is frequently published in the New York Times.

He has had eight solo shows in Europe as well as several group shows and was published in numerous international books and magazines including Modart, Denimzine, Faktum, Streetart Stockholm, Street Sketchbook, From Concrete to Canvas II. He has worked for international brands such as Nikita, Posten, Mattel.

Currently Ekta is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.