Geoff Mullen

Geoff Mullen
Geoff Mullen
Geoff Mullen
United States
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Geoff Mullen is artist who primarily experiments with music in a truly specific manner. While experimenting with sounds with emphasis on significance of the space in creation of the music, Geoff creates a unique audio story. Besides his work, he is also an active musician and founder of the Rare Youth, an independent record label dedicated to the support of local (RI) experimental music.

Geoff was born in Providence RI in 1979. He went to The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA for two years. After a while he enlisted in the Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA where he received a bachelor degree in 2004. As of last year he is a proud owner of the MFA degree which he received from the Bard College at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

In one of his interviews, Geoff stated that he is interested in exploring an expanded concept of site-specificity, approaching the installation site as a place to listen, gather sounds, manipulate them, and reintroduce them to a space. One of his main interests besides this is that he is also involved in the ubiquitous technique of digital reproduction, replication, and displacement–of turning the microphone back onto itself, and presenting work that insists on being listened to, or lived in, sometimes for long duration. The listener needs to rise up to a certain levels of conscious investment so the true capacity of his work can be experienced. His work needs to be listed to in a place–through varying levels of engagement or boredom – so the listener can hear something that is being lost or even create something of a new map between place and the virtual.

Mullen founds inspiration in fellow artists which resides on the other side of conventional. One of such examples is Gaston Duf, as he is a proud owner of his postcard. A lot of his newest creations is inspired or influenced by the banal hippie stuff–wind chimes, bongos, nature recordings, thus his studio carries the similar energy. Much of his time, Mullen spends listening to commune music and meditating to it. He founds these feel-good tropes to be a valuable starting point in entering the contemporary currents of the sounds and music itself.

From 2006 Geoff has been publishing his music, and up till next year Mullin’s work counts eleven solo pieces. First two he created back almost nine years ago and they are entitled The Air in Pieces and the Thrtysxtrllnmnfstns. The most recent one, the Wind Chimes was released recently under the Rare Youth Label. Mullen often collaborates with with Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul, Scott Reber, Kris Lapke, and Keith Fullerton.