Jason Botkin

Jason Botkin
Jason Botkin
Jason Botkin
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Born in Denver, Colorado in 1974 and growing up in Winnipeg, Jason Botkin has been addicted to pushing the charcoal and ink for a long time now. Since he has received his BFA with honours at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Botkin has made a name for himself for his art and as co-creator and director of EN MASSE.

EN MASSE, under the direction of Jason Botkin and Rupert Bottenberg is best described as an ongoing exercise in irreverent, improvised collaborative drawing — a boundary-blurring cocktail of high and lowbrow culture, pop imagery fragmented like shattered glass in a spontaneous, multi-genre, black-on-white collision.

In Botkin’s words his art  “reflect reflection, looking in and looking out.  It is the essence of otherness, of being apart and yet, also of coming together.  Each image is a composite of smaller ones and the completion of the parts create the whole”.

As part of En Masse project Botkin has been exhibiting is art worldwide, the collective being invited to major large scale event with international wide coverage. He was part of Big Bang exhibition at Montreal Fine Arts Museum in 2011.

Jason Botkin’s art has found a place among many prestigious private and corporate collections. He has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Botkin now lives in Montreal.