Katrin Bremermann

Katrin Bremermann
Katrin Bremermann
Katrin Bremermann
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Katrin Bremermann is a famous painter, known for her diligent approach when creating art. She perceives her paintings and drawings as a sort of an object, one in which the color can become a sculptural concern. The main themes in her work are the questioning of the language of painting and of the nature of the aesthetic experience.

Katrin is German artist, born in 1965 in Bremen. In her creative process, Katrin uses different kinds of materials: wood, paints, plastics, fabrics, wire, etc, but often any kind of usable stuff she has bought or found somewhere. Architectural pieces, hardware markets, and things of everyday life in either unexpected or ordinary situations.

She often likes to work on paper, by exploiting it to its outer limits, using his both sides. As she said in her own words: “The support is, to me, as interesting as the surface. I tend to spend a long time looking at my work, the way it is hanging on the wall or how it is reacting with other things in the studio” One of the things that illustrates the levels of her work is that she, when the painting part is done, she tries to find opposites, to be aware of my limits and get beyond them. She thrives for the immediate feeling dwelling in the present day, as she tries to capture it and make it an important segment of her artwork.  Katrin likes to turn her creative atelier into a laboratory in order to find a simple solution. She enjoys the unruly element or unexpected element, and over time she will find herself invested in something new, an artist who is in constant state of creation.

Her desires for 2015 are as humble and inspiring as they can be as she planned to obtain a motorcycle license, see Richard Tuttle at Tate Modern and visit the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.