Konstantin Khudyakov

Konstantin Vasilievich Khudyakov
Konstantin Khudyakov
Konstantin Vasilievich Khudyakov
Russian Federation
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  • digital art

Konstantin Khudyakov is a prominent Russian artist, best known for his work in the field of digital art. Unprecedented and unique, his artwork is based on digital technology as an essential part of his creative and presentation process.

Khudyakov was born in the Saratov region of Russia in 1945. In 1965, he enrolled in the Moscow Institute of Architecture, the department of architectural industrial design, and graduated in 1971. Shortly after getting his degree in Architecture, Konstantin Khudyakov was appointed the Chief artist at the Central Museum of Lenin in Moscow, where he was, for a period of 10 years, engaged in the realization of his reconstruction project of main exhibition halls of the Central Museum of Lenin. Subsequently, Khudyakov also developed the architectural and design concept of the building reconstruction of the Central Museum of Lenin.

The pursuit of the development and application of innovative technologies in the arts, as well as avant-garde outlook encouraged Khudyakov to switch to dissident art activity. By the artist own words, ‘artistic styles and masterpieces of the past have a high value and may be a source of inspiration. But I am sure that such inspiration must be handled very carefully as it can lead in the wrong direction. An artist should trust the sense of time – time, which is known to consist of the past, present, and future. Deep in my mind I am, apparently, a futurist.’ He started with airbrushing and photography as main tools, but soon included camera and video projector into his arsenal. At the same time he developed computer-digital technologies and programs, focusing on the most thoughtful and detailed exploration of digital technologies and communications as a unique and versatile tool. Masterfully wielding the latest computer technology, Khudyakov achieves in his works volumetric virtuality of characters, which diagnoses the situation of penetration of virtuality and reality into each other – the situation, in which our perception of art is problematized.

One of the main goals of his artistic aspiration is to create new mythology, but this idea can be extended into attempt of creating new civilization and the collapse of the old generation, new synthesis of biological and technological principles, comparing the extent of macro and microcosm, and rethinking of the metaphysical space. In projects like Deisis, Hotel Russia, Moscow panorama, and Mar of the World, Khudyakov generates a bank of digital images, consisted of several tens of thousands of images, all of them created through the synthesis of the arts. Since 2010 Konstantin Khudyakov has been completely focused on creative holography.

Konstantin Khudyakov is a President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Chairman of the art gallery M’Ars in Moscow, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.
His works are on permanent display at the State Tretyakov Gallery and the M’ARS Museum in Moscow, the Yaroslavl Art Museum in Russia, the ZigZag Venture Group corporate collection in the U.S. and the Crystal Art Co. collection in Japan.

The artist lives and creates in Moscow.