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  • Lucamaleonte, street artist, photo credits - Space Metropoliz

Lucamaleonte is an Italian contemporary artist known for his realistic, charming works inspired by nature and ancient art. He is one of the several artists able to produce multilevel stencils.

Lucamaleonte’s Beginings

Born in Rome in 1983, Lucamaleonte graduated from the Central Institute for Restoration. He began his art story in the capital of Italy in 2001 when he discovered the one level stencil technique. After several years he decided to abandon spray and scalpels and started to draw freehand drawing on walls and canvas.
Use of brushes, acrylic paint and freehand, allowed Lucamaleonte to shape the play between light and shadow, as well as to change the final artwork while working on it.


Lucamaleonte - Mural for Urban Legends Festival, Metro Station in Rome, 2014, photo credits - Il Gorgo

Lucamaleonte – Mural for Urban Legends Festival, Metro Station in Rome, 2014


Lucamaleonte’s Art

Inspired by nature, especially weed, insects and birds, Lucamaleonte has created his own encyclopedia full of illustrations and descriptions of diverse plants and animals. His artworks create a relationship between viewer and its surroundings that can change the viewer’s feeling, thoughts and actions.


Lucamaleonte - Mural for Festival PopUp!, 2015, photo credits - Il Gorgo, street art, urban art, mural

Lucamaleonte – Mural for Festival PopUp!, 2015


Grammatica Naturale

For more than ten years of activity, Lucamaleonte has worked in his native country and abroad with over than 50 solo and group shows in New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, and many others.
In 2008 Lucamaleonte was one of few Italian artist invited to exhibit at the Cans Festival in London, the event organized by Banksy, the most famous street artist in the world.
Lucamaleonte’s solo show entitled Grammatica Naturale, or Nature Grammar in English is on view at Grauen Studio in Monza, Italy, until July 12th, 2015. The show is a part of Recover Monza project which was created in 2014 by several artist and art experts with the aim to change Monza’s cultural and visual identity with the help of urban artists. For this occasion, Lucamaleonte has drawn two large scale murals in this city of Monza.


Lucamaleonte - Mural in Monza, Italy, 2015, part of Recover Monza project, photo credits - Il Gorgo, mural, street art, urban art

Lucamaleonte – Mural in Monza, Italy, 2015, part of Recover Monza project


International Poster Art Festival

Together with the artists Sten and Lex, Lucamaleonte created and curated the three editions of the International Poster Art Festival, Rome. In 2010 and 2011, he organized with two Italian artists known as Orticanoodles two workshops at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto (MART).
Lucamaleonte also collaborated with the French collective Stencil History X with whom he has exhibited in various European cities.

In 2013 a piece by the Roman artist entered in a permanent collection of a museum Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive, Spoleto, with the collective project Onthewall, which has involved several urban artists painting permanent works on the Museum walls.
Lucamaleonte lives and works in Rome, Italy.