Mr Penfold

Tim Gresham
Mr Penfold
Tim Gresham
United Kingdom
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  • painting

Mr Penfold aka Tim Gresham is street artist born in 1987 in Cambridge, England. He works in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, graphic design, large scale murals, installations and screenprinting.

After leaving school at the age of 16, Mr Penfold has developed a distinctive style and recognisable palette within a formulated set of conditions that he applies to his work. He has drawn influence from skateboard graphics to classical and formal abstraction and has worked for record, beverage and software companies.

His paintings have strong linear elements. On the one hand these are gracefully drawn outlines let the images melt together with the foil and on the other hand they lift off the figures from the ground. Many of the people featuring his works he has observed in London’s bars and pubs.

He uses screenprints, woodcuts and etching to make his prints. He creates his works in a professional printmaking studio where he works with many other well known artists. He has also built a considerable reputation as a freelance designer working for record labels, promoters and clothing labels.

Mr Penfold is the brother of Drum ‘n’ Bass Djs Nu:tone and Logistics. Both of them are signed to Hospital records, a label he has also designed for. He has also produced designs for various clothing brands, as well as being involved with marketing campaigns for companies such as Smirnoff & Microsoft.

His work can be seen all over the UK, USA, Australia and Europe.