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Running away from home at the tender age of 24, Priest landed in the only place a person with zero skills and a computer could: the superficial world of street art.

Priest’s work has been compared to Michael J Fox (on his bad days). With a particular lack of skills and a ubiquitous status it is a wonder how he has achieved Kardashian-like fame.

His pieces contain hollow thoughts and predictable juxtaposition challenging the viewer to ask, β€œIs that a Banksy?” – Priests wife.

Priest is originally from the sleepy coastal town of Mobile, Alabama and has recently relocated to New Orleans where he spends his days keeping a low profile and spends his nights creating electrifying work that takes on things big and small, from the oil spill in the Gulf to the NSA.

Priest’s work is an addictive, thought-provoking experience that is not to be missed.