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  • Sheryo - Artist portrait, 2015, photo via

Singapore-born artist, Sheryo officially lives in New York, but she spends most of her time exhibiting or painting walls overseas. Travelling around the world and visiting different countries, like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia or UAE, she finds her motivation and inspiration for further work. Living her own adventure, Sheryo successfully subsists in predominantly men’s world of graffiti art. Her influences range from the tattoos to cartoons she watched as a child, so her art is fool of jovial and gnarly characters taken from the pop imagery, like pizza slices smoking cigarettes or skateboard-riding hot-dogs. She was named as one of the Top 10 Street Artist to Watch in 2013.


Sheryo creates jovial and gnarly characters

Sheryo - Untitled, photo via gallery stuf love perth painting

Sheryo – Untitled, photo via


Making the Skatching Journal

Always carrying the sketchbook with her, Sheryo translates everything into the drawings. The food she eats, encounters with the people she meets, their culture and customs, all these things are noted like in the journal. Since childhood she was obsessed with the Reg Mombassa cartoon and among the artists, she liked Todd James Reas, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgalen and Michael Sieben. She dreamed of living in New York, and when she got there, nobody has known about her work. Shortly she started to invade the walls in the city.


Her work abounds with exquisite lines and quirky mythology

Sheryo - Untitled (detail), photo via gallery stuff painting love perth

Sheryo – Untitled (detail), photo via


Partnership and Inspiration

Of crucial importance was her acquaintance with Australian graffiti artist The Yok, who became her companion and fellow worker in adventures around the world. Working together with him provide much inspiration for Sheryo and combination of these two artistic minds create a lot of crazy ideas. They travelled to Indonesia where they held an exhibition, learned batik, method of patterning fabric using a wax-resist dyeing and made wooden sculptures. The result of this trip, show The Nasty Gorend, exhibited in Los Angeles and New York, represents the experiences and impressions collected in Yogyakarta. They explored the traditional world of Indonesian shadow puppet theatre, and adapted ancient techniques such as the traditional handicraft of batik, implementing them into their comic illustrations.


She learned batik, method of patterning fabric using a wax-resist dyeing


Painting in Miami Wynwood

Sheryo’s work can be also seen in the famous Wynwood doors and outside the Walls thanks to her participation in Goldman Properties’ Women on the Walls program for Art Basel 2013. She made graffiti for well-known clients, as Adidas, Nike, Converse, MTV Asia, GAP. She started to paint on streets in 2005, and three years later she began to travel, living in Cambodia for some time. Working in a studio in the red light district of Phnom Penh, she created her world of exquisite lines and quirky mythology. Working in different mediums, from paintings to three-dimensional sculptures, installations and moving images, her art explore the human psyche and delusions towards contemporary lifestyles.

Sheryo is represented by Street Art Anarchy.

Sheryo lives and works in Brookin, New York.

Featured image: Sheryo – Artist portrait, 2015, photo via
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