Tuguldur Yondonjamts

Tuguldur Yondonjamts
Tuguldur Yondonjamts
Tuguldur Yondonjamts
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  • Painting, Drawing.

Yondonjamts’s practice focuses on works on paper mainly. He tackles issues surrounding the changes affecting Mongolia’s society and economic development. The nomadic culture and its symbiotic relation to nature is disappearing as the mining of natural ressources (gold, coal) are being exploited without effective control. The artist is currently developing a body of drawings that critiques the exportation of falcons in Mongola to Saudi Arabia (currently 240 per year). Taking an ironic perspective, his work questions how these factors are played out in the physical and psychological space between tamed and untamed worlds.

Tuguldur Yondonjamts was born in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) in 1977. He completed a BA (Hons) in Thanka Painting (traditional Mongolian Painting) from the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, in the class of Professor Narmandakh Tsultem in 1997. In 2004, he graduated Fine Art from the University of the Arts, Berlin (UdK), Germany, in the class of Professor Lothar Baumgarten.

His work is research and information based. He uses investigational logic to create large scale drawings that diagram imaginary journeys. These explorations deal with issues such as the origin of materials or resources, relocation and collision of crossing different timeline, myth and travel. Tuguldur’s work questions how these factors are played out in physical and psychological space, and between tamed and untamed worlds.
His background is a traditional Mongolian Painting (Thanka) which calls upon rigorous skills and passion to go through the time consuming meditative process of creating. After he studied in Mongolia, he advanced his education in Berlin and in New York to incorporate conceptual western art practices in his work.

He is the recipient of various awards including Djerassi Resident Artist Award 2012 (CA, USA),a grant from Karin-Abt-Straubinger Foundation 2009 & 2011(Stuttgart, Germany) and the ART OMI International Artists Residency 2010 (Ghent, USA). In 2010, he was a visiting artist in the residence program at the Cité International des Arts in Paris (France).

Tuguldur Yondonjamts currently lives and works in New York, NY.