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Anya Spielman
Oil on Paper
72,2 x 48,3 x 0 cm
On the back
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Ted Mooney, Senior Editor of Art in America says of Spielman’s work: "Anya Spielman's mastery of her invariably appealing palette can be deceptive: she knows the depths of human motive and does not hesitate to take the viewer to places both more ambiguous and darker than may at first seem evident. What's more, it may take you some time to figure out how you got there, let alone how to get back. But that, after all, is what serious painting is all about."
United States
2,100 GBP (£)
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160 FERNHEAD ROAD, London, United Kingdom
ABOUT THIS WORK Spielman uses oil paint on canvas, paper and panel in various sizes; she works on up to forty paintings at a time, moving between them as each begins to form, then isolating a work to bring to completion. Her saturated surfaces are luminous, with alternate glossy and matte layers, but also bear rough nail marks that scar and deconstruct the work. These etched lines and marks relate to an image and idea, and are often the underlying structure, the submerged language of a work. Her use of reds and pinks link to flesh and blood, and the pale creams, yellows and blues in her palette often recall bodily fluids, and the pulse of life. With Ice Blossoms though, cream means cream. But, as often with Spielman's work, there is more than one way to look at the painting: confectionary layers or abstract lansdcape? This artwork can be acquired in a few clicks on



About Anya Spielman

Anya Spielman is an American abstract artist, a student of Wayne Thiebaud, best known for the intensity of her saturated colors. She lives in LA.Read More


IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative works from international established abstract artists. IdeelArt acts...Read More
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