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Dolphin Dance' Study 5

Ellen Priest
Gouache on rag tracing vellum
53,3 x 53,3 x 0 cm
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In July 2010, art critic Victoria Donohoe wrote about Priest?s work in two Wilmington exhibitions for The Philadelphia Inquirer: “Priest deliberately blurs the boundary between painting and jazz in her Venezuelan Suite painted collages. These use form as a language of music... Seeing jazz as full of joy and energy, able to transform sadness, Priest uses it successfully here to create materialized movement in actual worlds of coloured space.”
United States
2,000 GBP (£)
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160 FERNHEAD ROAD, London, United Kingdom
This work is a brush study for a series of collaged paintings titled "Jazz: Herbie's 'Dolphin Dance' #1-22 These studies are Ellen Priest’s first “visual” encounter with a jazz composition. Based on jazz pianist Herbie Hancock?s classic composition “Dolphin Dance”, Ellen Priest tried to use these drawings and the resulting collages to capture the light and movement typical of the beach where she spends much time in the summer. To her eye, beach light has no back and sometimes no bottom (or ground). In her own words: “It’s a view set against a water horizon – totally different from an urban or mountain horizon. Light is reflected in all directions, including up from the water and sand.” In these pieces, the active white space is critical.



About Ellen Priest

Ellen Priest is an American abstract painter, whose art is created under the influence of jazz music. As a painter, she is mainly self-taught. Read More


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