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La Royauté Espagnole / The Spanish Royalty, 1892

Eugene Grasset
Watercolor on very good, thick, coated wove paper
45 x 34 x 0 cm
Signed by the artist in ink
THE COLORS ARE BRIGHT AND FRESH. In the extreme margins there are various annotations in Grasset's hand, as well as some damage and dustiness. None of this will be visible when the picture is framed. On the verso is a design, also in Grasset's hand, for the title-page of a periodical devoted to Spanish art.
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3,950 EUR (€)
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Sylvan Cole Gallery
Pilar Franquet, 12, Sitges, Spain
Grasset executed this magnificent watercolor in 1892 as a design for a poster to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. Two years later, in 1894, it was reproduced in La Plume, the great art nouveau periodical. It was later reproduced in the standard monograph on Grasset. A TRULY OUTSTANDING ITEM. Bibliography: 1. La plume no. 122 (15 mai 1894, a special issue devoted to Grasset), p. 191 (reproduced). 2. Yves Plantin & Françoise Blondel, EUGENE GRASSET, Lausanne 1841 Sceaux 1917 (Paris, 1980), no 26, reproduced on p. 39.; Reference Plantin & Blondel 26


Asking Price3,950 EUR-

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