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Xenon & Aconitum napellus

Fabio Petani
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Artist's Studio.
Via Santo Stefano, 164
Fabio Petani,MAGMA gallery,abstract,graffiti,pop art,contemporary art,plant,flowers,nature,emerging art,young artists,italian art galleries,Bologna,wood,sculpture,painting,Abstract Art
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MAGMA gallery
Via Santo Stefano N. 164, Bologna, Italy
Xenon & Aconitum Napellus, 2016, mixed media on 84 years old tree section, 48 x 52 cm.

About Fabio Petani

Fabio Petani, an Italian self-taught street artist, creates murals and paintings inspired by the periodic table of elements.Read More

About MAGMA gallery

MAGMA gallery was founded in Bologna in 2016. MAGMA gallery exhibits internationally renowned and emerging contemporary artists, with a research-based approach to bring out the most innovative trends...Read More
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