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Pitched Planes 131

Stephen Maine
Relief Monoprint
61 x 48 x 0 cm
Available For Sale
In a 2015 article in The Brooklyn Rail, artist and writer Tom McGlynn described the work of Stephen Maine as follows: “Maine has an obvious formal control over his palette, due to a long-standing investigation of color, translucency, and the influence of color on the virtually shifting tectonics of “painting space”… This is a key to his practice. Color can directly engage the physiological mechanism of the eye while simultaneously initiating a string of associative logic in one’s random memory, and Maine’s paintings approach a critical boiling point at the admixture of optical reaction and the accidental, yet uncannily recognizable gesture.”
United States
1,650 GBP (£)
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160 FERNHEAD ROAD, London, United Kingdom
The Pitched Planes series are unique relief prints, made primarily using printing surfaces that are the products of industrial manufacture. Each shape (plane) is made with a different surface. They are printed with woodcut and etching ink on 24x19 in / 61x48 cm hosho paper from Japan. In this series, Maine was thinking about the legibility of the constituent patterns as they are recombined in various layers; the optical blending of hues; and, as always, the illusion of the third dimension.



About Stephen Maine

Stephen Maine is an American abstract painter who developed an incredible process of art making that in return enables him to create visually stunning pieces.Read More


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