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Anywhere Now 19.15

Lacquer on MDF and Aluminum
110 x 120 x 4 cm
Available For Sale
About the visual cues that inspire him to create his artworks, Tilman says: “By sharing our presence with the presence of those ‘findings’, seductive, physical and visual, we are constantly invited to look, to participate, to search, to discover and to satisfy our curiosity for the world. Integrated in the artistic language of the non-objective and embedded in its discourse this ‘offering’ could give us the opportunity to initiate a dialogue beyond the intrinsically concrete, extending out the tight margin of reading an artwork to a more personalized universe of thought with all its edges, detours, obstacles, traces and marks, to perception and reflection, and to the creation of associations which go beyond the concreteness of things per se and the formal language of non-objective, reductive or concrete art.”
6,650 GBP (£)
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160 FERNHEAD ROAD, London, United Kingdom
This work as well as 17.16 (Breather) and 14.16 (In the Cities) can be understood as reflections on urban and architectural structures which form our ambience. The synergy of elevations and planes, of junctions and conduits leading our visual path are reminiscent of urban environments - at the same time stimulating and chaotic yet organized and structured – revealing a multiplicity of thought and meaning This work is constructed of painted MDF-board and painted aluminum profiles



About Tilman

Tilman is a German artist who works in numerous mediums which are all underlined by the author's ability to use simple elements and convey complex messages.Read More


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