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  • Fashion photographers

    Meet our Favorite Fashion Photographers

    Photography, Top Lists

    Fashion without photography is like a day without sunshine, and fashion photographers bring the sun to the gloomy day. The masters of their trade use photography as a means of depicting clothing and various other fashion items while still remaining in the...

  • These Pencil Drawings Prove the True Mastery in Art

    Top Lists

    Pencil Drawing is a fascinating medium, contends Jasper Salwey in his book on art of lead pencil drawings. Pencil is for Salwey: “ a vital tool sympathetic to the artist’s every fancy or requirement, a medium capable of rendering not only the most...

  • Street Update #135

    Street update

    The first week of July has brought us a lot of interesting new events, a myriad of educational articles, and exciting news from the world of art. But today, in our newest Street Update, we are here to talk about the world of street art, especially the amazing...

  • Mademoiselle Maurice in Paris

    Street update

    Now this is what we call going big! Mademoiselle Maurice has completed the biggest mural ever in Paris covering a surface of 2000m2! It took her three weeks to complete this gargantuan piece, using origami and bright colors to create her works. Mademoiselle...

  • Zed1 in Ponte de sor

    Street update

    The Florence-born Italian street artist Zed1 has produced a new piece in Ponte de sor in Portugal. The large-scale mural is entitled 2 amores 2 destionos, executed in Zed1’s signature style. The whimsical characters, light colors, and little smiles on the...

  • Dulk in Longwy

    Street update

    The Spanish artist Antonio Segura Donat, better known as Dulk has painted a new mural in Longwy, in north-eastern France. The mural is called The last breeding pair, and it was executed with the use of spray paint and acrylic. It is a depiction of birds...

  • Kristen McCrea in Toronto

    Street update

    Kristen McCrea painted a gorgeous new piece for A Love Letter to the Great Lakes festival that used urban art to inspire inspirational dialogues and conversations about environmental issues surrounding the Great Lakes. The festival is organized by PangeaSeed...

  • Giulio Vespirini in Bonito

    Street update

    Giulio Vespirini has painted a new mural in a small town of Bonito, in the province of Avellino in the Campania region of la bella Italia. The piece was created for the Impronte 2016, Boca Contest Project, and can we just say that it looks very interesting?...

  • Scarlett Raven interview

    Per Aspera ad Astra – Scarlett Raven in an Exclusive Interview

    Determination, anger, stubbornness and belief – these are the core values and the things that got this amazing artist through life. The Scarlett Raven interview we have prepared for you today will answer all the burning questions you have about her...

  • university and college graduate

    Which are the Best Art Schools in California ?

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    When it comes to education which allows individuals to dwell upon the creative, critical or analytical approaches to art, there is a part of the world which comes to mind almost instantly. Art Schools in California offer a range of studies spanning from...

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