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  • 10 Cuban Artists You Should Know

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    The visual arts have long been one of the strongest parts of Cuba’s amazing cultural output, but it is its contemporary art that became praised internationally as extremely powerful, especially after the emergence of Cuba’s strong generation of...

  • the 2016 cover resembles one beatles album

    20 Famous Album Covers You Need to Remember

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    The sound is certainly the most essential element of the music album, but the powerful role of cover art cannot be ignored. Designs for famous album covers are so compelling that they strike the same emotional resonance with the listeners as the music on...

  • the list of spanish born artists includes pablo picasso francisco salvador joan antonio and juan

    Famous Spanish Artists from the Contemporary Art World

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    We all know about famous Spanish artists such as Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro or Salvador Dali. Spanish art has certainly been an important contributor to Western art throughout centuries and has produced many famous and influential artists who...

  • travel to the statest to visit this venue

    20 Best Art Museums in the World

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    There is a plethora of amazing museums out there, but the best art museums in the world have become destinations in themselves. Being home to the vast majority of the world’s most valuable paintings, sculptures, and artifacts, art museums are a chest of...

  • american contact john thomas edward william life search page henry charles new work 2015 year style watch culture

    Young American Painters To Follow

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    The young American painters have always worked on the front lines of artistic development. Today’s need for a new visual language and the new aesthetic style pushes artists to think outside of the traditional painting and sculpture media and to investigate...

  • Asian Galleries You Have to Check Out

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    Between a skyrocketing auction market and top art fairs, Asia’s art future has never looked brighter. With a new generation of artists that have been quietly mining the cultural currency throughout the region, Asia has become a true complement to the...

  • creatives of today reflect practices of michelangelo leonardo da vinci giovanni giorgio paolo and francesco

    Contemporary Italian Artists You Need to Know

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    A country with an incredibly rich art history, Italy has boasted prominent names that have influenced generations of artists since ancient times. From Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci to Amadeo Modigliani and Giorgio de Chirico, best Italian artists have...

  • contact us via email for more information on your visit to the upcoming arts festivals in new york and miami in oct and december, as well as february march april 2017

    The Ultimate Art Fair Calendar for the Fall 2016

    Art Fairs 2017, Top Lists

    The fall season has begun and a number of great art fairs will take place in the months to come. The art fair calendar we are presenting in this article remind us how important these events are – fairs represent an extraordinary forums for establishing...

  • our post includes a painter and sculptor list

    Famous French Artists from Urban and Contemporary Art Movement

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    A country of gastronomy, fashion, and culture, France has always been the art aficionado’s paradise. One of the world’s foremost art capitals and a hotbed for the creative avant-garde, Paris continues to be a center for the global contemporary scene....

  • 30 Burning Man Art Installations

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    Each August, Black Rock Desert in Nevada, US turns to an amazingly vibrant city, an art and community experiment dedicated to radical self reliance and self expression. Named after the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy which takes place each year,...

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