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  • Vhils - Photo of the artist at work, 2017 - Image via stick2target portuguese video of banksy


    Vhils is the pseudonym of a Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, one of the most skilled and talented young artists on the urban art scene today. This internationally acclaimed innovator creates technically skilled portraits on the streets around the...

  • Evoca1

    Elio Mercado is an extremely talented and widely recognized Dominican-born figurative painter, street artist, designer and activist who is motivated by the agenda to merge art and humanity into a single creation. Working under an artistic pseudonym of Evoca1,...

  • Dabs Myla - portrait, (detail)

    Dabs Myla

    Melbourne natives Dabs Myla are a dynamic duo who have been living and working in Los Angeles since 2009, and they absolutely love it. They say it feels like home. Warm colors of L.A. and its vibrant life had an impact on their style, so they welcomed the...

  • L'Atlas - portrait


    L’Atlas is a French artist whose work is all about lines and forms. The main theme of his paintings, graffiti, and installations is the displacement of the people around the world. The spirit of his art can be compared to limitlessness, where borders...

  • Pop Art

    Carrie Reichardt

    One of the most famous British artists, Carrie Reichardt places her work somewhere between craft and activism. Highly interested in the social, economic and political issues ranging from unjust imprisonment to new colonial wars, she has become one of the most...

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    Backwoods Gallery Continues Exploring Art with A Study of Erotica

    Art Exhibitions

    This February, Backwoods Gallery opens A Study Of Erotica exhibition. In 2012, the gallery launched A Study of… series of exhibitions with the aim to archive artworks from world renowned artists that focus on a common subject which has a universal...

  • What About Art in the Post-Truth Era?

    Art History

    A year after an emoji was chosen as the word of the year in 2015, Oxford Dictionaries picked another winner on Wednesday, and it is post-truth. In explanation of such decision, they stated that this word which questions the concept of facts themselves best...

  • public nudity in beaches or a resort

    How Nude Bathers in Art Captivated Early Modernists

    Top Lists

    A common subject used throughout art history that has been associated with artists such as Titian, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt, the depiction of nude bathers has a number of meanings attached to it. The most common ones refer to ablution, cleanliness, and the...

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    Jean Metzinger – The Bathers, 1913

    Top Lists

    Painted in Meudon, the Parisian suburb near Puteaux, The Bathers by Jean Metzinger is an avant-garde take on a popular theme employed by many nineteenth-century French artists. Metzinger has transformed this classic subject through the application of Cubism,...

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    Henri Matisse – Bathers with a Turtle, 1908

    Top Lists

    By the end of the 19th century, Henri Matisse has started experimenting with dimension, a kind of flattening process in which the images become less literal and more symbolic. In one of his most original paintings from 1908 titled Bathers with a Turtle,...

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