Orazio Gentileschi

PaintingNikola Milosevic

Orazio Gentileschi was an Italian artist, whose paintings were greatly inspired by Caravaggio. Yet, he managed to develop a personal, unique style.

Andre Schulze

PaintingNikola Milosevic

Andre Schulze is a German contemporary artist, known for his realistic paintings of East German architecture, placing it in surreal situations.

Goncalo Mabunda

SculptureJasmine Lark

Goncalo Mabunda is an Mozambique contemporary artist focused on painful political subjects which are process throughout his sculptures made of arms.

Jenny Saville - Photo of the artist - Image via royalacademy and gallery like

Jenny Saville

Painting,Young British ArtistsMilja Ficpatrik

Jenny Saville is a British painter belonging to the YBA phenomenon, known for her disturbing large-scale paintings that depict naked obese women.

Juliah Humpfer

Illustration,Painting,Urban ArtBalasz Takac

Juliah Humpfer is a young German artist focused on mythical narratives and symbols which are incorporated in her paintings, walls and illustrations.

Thomas Evans, aka Detour, stands in front of his portrait of Kendrick Lamar at the Art Gallery at the DPAC - image courtesy of Colorado Public Radio


Painting,Photography,Urban ArtBalasz Takac

Detour is a young American artist known for peculiar approach of appropriating music and fine arts by employing traditional methods and technology.

Portrait of Doris Salecado - image courtesy of W Magazine

Doris Salcedo

Contemporary Art,InstallationBalasz Takac

Doris Salcedo is an established Columbian artist focused on articulating the politics of memory throughout her conceptual installations and interventions.

Ilia Mayer

Pop Surrealism,Street ArtAmy Lin

Ilia Mayer is a Barcelona-based artist and music producer known for his ephemeral imagery that depicts teenage characters while roaming the universe.

Nahosenay Negussie

PaintingBalasz Takac

Nahosenay Negussie is a young and emerging Ethiopian contemporary artist who became known for his mythical and dreamy paintings usually of women and animals.

Diane Arbus - A photo of the artist at work in New York City - Image via americansuburbxcom In 1971, the view on women was put in contact with a site museum

Diane Arbus

PhotographyHugo Hess

Remembered for her photo portraits and the sudden suicide, Diane Arbus was an American artist whose black and white work is now deemed as iconic.

Charles Fazzino

Painting,PrintsBalasz Takac

Charles Fazzino is an established American artist known for his large and colorful silkscreen serigraphs fulfilled with references from popular culture.


Painting,Urban ArtBalasz Takac

Revolue is a young Brazilian artist focused on various psychological states and human profiles which are expressed through his abstract portraits.


Graffiti,Street ArtAmy Lin

sheOne, an artist who's internationally recognized for his unique calligraphy-inspired abstract graffiti style is one of true legends of British street art scene.

Marc Bauer

DrawingAmy Lin

Marc Bauer is a Swiss artist who creates drawings based on famous films and old photographs culled from family archives and public records.

Ronex Ahimibisibwe

Contemporary Art,PaintingBalasz Takac

Ronex Ahimbisibwe is a Ugandan contemporary multimedia artist who became known for his fragmented and semi-abstract works which are focused on the subconscious.

Frank Stella

Painting,PrintsHugo Hess

Frank Stella is an American painter and printmaker who dedicated his career to experimenting with minimalistic concepts, diverse materials and varied surfaces.

Dario Manjate

Collage,Contemporary Art,PaintingBalasz Takac

Dario Manjate is a Mozambique contemporary artist focused on representations of identity and body throughout his collages in regards to norms of consumerist society.

Vanessa Beecroft - The artist in front of her work - Image via vogueit

Vanessa Beecroft

Painting,Performance Art,PhotographyBojan Zlatkov

Vanessa Beecroft is an Italian artist based in Los Angeles, known for her unique mixture of performance art, photography, painting and sculpture.

Juan Jose Surace

Animation,PaintingBalasz Takac

Juan Jose Surace is an Argentinean artist known for his surreal and often subversive works expressed through animation, painting, and even public works.

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El Dimitry

Street Art,Urban ArtAndrey V.

El Dimitry is a Spanish visual artist whose diverse street and indoors work is a result of what he calls his numerous different creative personalities.

Ana Maria at her studio

Ana Maria

Graffiti,Painting,Urban ArtBalasz Takac

Ana Maria is a young Puerto Rican artist known for her distinct street art style of high imagination which is transferred on walls, murals and paintings.