Luca Schenardi his Portrait

Luca Schenardi

IllustrationM. Zotovich

Luca Schenardi is an interesting Swiss artist who finds the inspiration for his notebooks of illustrations in the errors seen on the Teletexts of our TVs.

Photo of Evelyne Axell in her home during an exhibition, fighting for the world of women stretchinf from Philadelphia to Brussels

Evelyne Axell

Pop ArtAndrey V.

Evelyne Axell was a Belgian artist best known for her psychedelic, erotic paintings of female nudes on plexiglass that defined the Belgian Pop art visuals.

Phil America Portrait in front of his work

Phil America

Installation,Performance Art,Sculpture,Video ArtM. Zotovich

Phil America is an American multi-disciplinary artist who uses a variety of mediums like videos, installations, and performances to make social changes.

James English Leary - Mumps, Acrylic on shaped canvas, 2014

James English Leary

Abstract ArtEni Susak

James English Leary is an American artist, who creates a different kind of paintings. His art resembles the Rorschach test, leaving the end result to the viewer.

Inkie - Portrait


Graffiti,Street Art,Urban ArtHugo Hess

Inkie is an artist who combines graffiti and figurative imagery. His style reminds of art nouveau influences with an urban twist.

Minimal and Conceptual Art

William Anastasi

Conceptual Art,Minimal ArtMilja Ficpatrik

William Anastasi is an American painter and visual artist, but also known as one of the founders of both Conceptual and Minimal Art.

Jose Maria Cano

Conceptual Art,PaintingJasmine Lark

Jose Maria Cano is a Spanish musician and visual artist known for his ongoing series of paintings, The Wall Street 100, made from paraffin wax.

Rosalyn Drexler - Photo of the artist - Image via pinterest new york 1963 gallery 2017 canvas view gallery museum

Rosalyn Drexler

Pop ArtAndrey V.

Rosalyn Drexler is an American artist whose collages and paintings helped define the Pop style despite the fact she was neglected by her contemporary scene.


GraffitiBalasz Takac

Deams aka Taj Alexander is an Australian artist known for his distinct graffiti style and for being a founding member of Melbourne collective AWOL Crew.

Alison Jackson

PhotographyDea K.

Alison Jackson is an English spoof photographer, born in 1970, best known for her lookalike images of celebrities posed in private moments.

Mr Penfold - portrait - photo by Chelone Wolf

Mr Penfold

Drawing,Graffiti,Illustration,Installation,Painting,PrintsJasmine Lark

Mr Penfold is an English artist, working in a variety of mediums, including painting, graphic design, large scale murals, installations, and screenprinting.

Danny Devenny

Murals,Street Art,Urban ArtM. Zotovich

Danny Devenny is an Irish artist, who started his career while he was in jail for robbing a bank in 1973 as the member of the IRA.

Benjamin Burkard

PaintingBalasz Takac

Benjamin Burkard is a young German artist who came to prominence for painting surreal and serene post apocalyptic industrial landscapes.

Hendrik Beikirch making art

Hendrik Beikirch

Painting,Photorealism,Urban ArtJean Gallard

Hendrik Beikirch ECB is well known for his brilliant black and white portraits painted either on canvas or on large buildings.

August Vilella

Pop SurrealismBalasz Takac

August Vilella is a Spanish contemporary artist who creates surreal paintings of bizarre yet beautiful, otherworldly creatures lurking from his subconsciousness.

Photo of Pauline Boty in her new home by John Aston, 1962/1963

Pauline Boty

Pop ArtAndrey V.

Pauline Boty was a British artist who is renowned as the only female painter and a collage author within the British Pop art wing of the movement.

Pedro De Oraa

Abstract ArtBalasz Takac

Pedro de Oraá is an established Cuban artist known for being one of the most prominent figures of experimental and abstract practice in 60's and 70's.

Maqbool Fida Husain, artist, photo credits - Web Neel

Maqbool Fida Husain

Drawing,Modern Art,PaintingJasmine Lark

Maqbool Fida Husain commonly known as MF Husain was a Modern Indian painter of International acclaim and a founding member of PAG of Bombay.

Dotmasters - photo courtesy of the artist


Stencil,Street ArtMaximilian Braun

The Dotmaster is the founder of, a new-media-based collective of art-pranksters. The artist is well known for his graffiti and stencils.

Tim Bengel

Collage,PaintingBalasz Takac

Tim Bengel is young German contemporary artist who has developed a unique style of painting by using two uncommon materials for the craft - sand and gold.



GraffitiJean Gallard

Lek is a Parisian writer/graffiti artist who started his career when the graffiti scene was in full bloom in Paris. Lek often cooperates with Sowat.