Beverly Buchanan - Photo of the artist - Image via nnamdicenter

Beverly Buchanan

Painting,Prints,SculptureAndrey V.

Beverly Buchanan was an African-American artist whose daring body of work was able to evoke hope and happiness even in the most wicked of situations.

Jeffrey Gibson - Photo of the artist - Image via artreport

Jeffrey Gibson

Abstract ArtNina K

Jeffrey Gibson is a Choctaw-Cherokee painter and sculptor whose abstract work allows him to channel his experiences gained from a nomadic lifestyle.

Judith Supine

Collage,Street Art,Urban ArtJasmine Lark

Judith Supine is an American artist who became known for his wheatpastes and large-scale public interventions in the streets of Brooklyn.

Kiki Kogelnik - Photo of the artist - Image via tateorguk

Kiki Kogelnik

Pop ArtAndrey V.

Kiki Kogelnik was an Austrian painter and sculptor who is lauded for her contribution to the Pop art, a movement she never wanted to be directly associated with.

Moses & Taps

GraffitiJasmine Lark

Moses & Taps is a world renowned graffiti art duo who made a name for themselves through conceptual artwork in different public places.

Thania Petersen

Installation,Performance Art,PhotographyAndrey V.

Thania Petersen is a South African artist whose blend of photography, installations and multisensory-based performance reconstructs her personal heritage.

Tara Donovan - Photo of the artist in front of her work - Image via eveningtimes

Tara Donovan

Installation,SculptureNina K

Tara Donovan is an American artist known for site-specific installations that utilize everyday materials and treat their characteristics as an artistic focal point.

Peter Baracchi - Photo of the artist in front of his work - Image courtesy of Soon Galerie

Peter Baracchi

Installation,PhotographyAndrey V.

Peter Baracchi is a Zürich-based installation artist whose work seems to be primarily preoccupied with the notions of modern social boundaries.

Cindy Wright - profile

Cindy Wright

PhotorealismDea K.

Cindy Wright is a Belgian visual artist known for her dark and morbidly beautiful large-scale photorealistic paintings and drawings.

Errol Sawyer - Photo of the artist - Image courtesy of Errol Sawyer

Errol Sawyer

PhotographyAndrey V.

Errol Sawyer is an American analog photographer whose decades-long career allowed him to reach an amazing creative peak and to develop his craft to near perfection.

J.A.W. Cooper- Scissors (detail) - Image via Spoke NYC

J.A.W. Cooper

IllustrationJasmine Lark

J.A.W. Cooper is a Los Angeles-based freelance illustrator and contemporary artist who explores the complexities and contradictions of the human spirit.

Semor in USA

The Semor

Street ArtBojan Zlatkov

Semor is a French graffiti artist and muralist whose compositions include a surreal mixture of exaggerated figures and objects.

Dimitri Likissas

PointillismJasmine Lark

Dimitri Likissas is a highly-talented Belgian-born artist who explores the unlimited potential of chromatic and tonal scale in his dot paintings.

El Gato Chimney - La Casa Della Polvere

El Gato Chimney

Graffiti,Painting,Street ArtNina K

El Gato Chimney is an Italian artist born in 1981 in Milan where he currently lives and works. His paintings are focused on emotions and inner visions.

Innerfields - Photo of the artists during an interview - Image courtesy of Innerfields


Street ArtAndrey V.

Innerfields is a creative trio of extraordinary Berlin street artists that share a keen sense for new topics, emerging trends and a variety of techniques.

Martin Bender - No 3, Litsa series, 2017 - Image courtesy of 30Works Gallery

Martin Bender

Street ArtAndrey V.

Relying on a highly systematic manner of extracting them from his imagination, Martin Bender specializes in making portraits both for the street and gallery settings.

An Wei - profile

An Wei

Installation,Monochrome painting,Street ArtDea K.

An Wei is a Madrid-born street artist and painter of Chinese origin, known for his figurative murals and graphic portraits.

The Wreck (detail) - Image via pinterestcom

Theodore Gericault

RomanticismAndrey V.

Théodore Géricault was an influential French painter and lithographer who is known for establishing the first self-proclaimed art movement of Romanticism.

Buhlebezwe Siwani

Installation,Performance Art,PhotographyAndrey V.

Buhlebezwe Siwani is a South African artist who works predominantly in the mediums of performance and installation, using them to share her unorthodox beliefs.

Lygia Clark - Photo of the artist - Image via world use contact

Lygia Clark

Installation,Monochrome painting,SculptureHugo Hess

Lygia Clark was a Brazilian artist best known for her painting and installation work through which she tested ideas about multisensory and participatory art.