Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson

Installation,SculptureMilja Ficpatrik

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for large-scale installation art with elemental materials to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Agent X - Cicely And Mary (Yellow) (detail) - Image courtesy of the artist

Agent X

CollageAndrey V.

Agent X is a creative pseudonym of an incredible artist based in Vancouver who creates experimental multimedia collage artworks, paintings and 2D artworks.

Carolyn O'Neill

Abstract ExpressionismNikola Milosevic

Carolyn O’Neill is an Australian contemporary artist known for her abstract expressionist paintings. She’s been painting since 2003.

Atsushi Kaga - That sounds absolutely normal, 2014 (detail)

Atsushi Kaga

Drawing,Painting,SculptureDea K.

Atsushi Kaga is a Japanese visual artist born in 1978, working in mixed media, painting, drawing, animation and sculpture.

Victoria Fuller - Photo of the artist - Image courtesy of Victoria Fuller and Photocredit of James Prinz Photography

Victoria Fuller

Installation,Painting,SculptureAndrey V.

Victoria Fuller is an artist who constructs sculptures, installations and many types of two-dimensional works, all created in a variety of materials and processes.

Mizzo - Untitled Piece - Image courtesy of Soon Galerie


Collage,IllustrationAndrey V.

Mizzo is an artistic pseudonym of Myriam Gämperli, a Swiss author who uses illustration and collage to create arrangments that defy any attempt of categorization.

Hans Hofmann portrait, 1949 - Photo by Bill Witt

Hans Hofmann

Abstract Expressionism,Color FieldBojan Zlatkov

Hans Hofmann was a German artist best known for his paintings through which he explored the relation between structure, spatial illusion and colors.

Dorothea Tanning - Photo of the artist - contact the new home for women

Dorothea Tanning

Abstract Art,SurrealismLor Dethal

Dorothea Tanning was an acclaimed Surrealist and an abstract artist whose paintings, prints, sculptures and books were pivotal creations of the modern art period.

Imi Knoebel

Abstract Art,Minimal ArtMilja Ficpatrik

Imi Knoebel is one of the burgeoning abstract artists of the post-war period known for his minimalist painting and sculpture.

Cary Leibowitz - Photo of the artist - Image via nycstateoftheartcom

Cary Leibowitz

Installation,Painting,Prints,SculptureJasmine Lark

Cary Leibowitz, also known as Candy Ass, is an American contemporary artist whose wide range of techniques results in simplistic yet surprisingly effective artworks.


GraffitiDea K.

Zest is a French graffiti and street artist whose career is a great example of how one's style can drastically evolve without compromising initial creative foundations.


Glass art,Land ArtNikola Milosevic

Guillaume Saype Legros is a Swiss artist who pioneered two new variants of street art, one that can be defined as a form of land art and other that uses glass as a canvas.

Kisung Koh - A Shaman - Image via flower-peppercom

Kisung Koh

IllustrationAndrey V.

Kisung Koh is a South Korean artist based in Toronto who makes captivating paintings that explore our deeply rooted relationships with nature and its wonders.

Andreas Lau - Untitled Composition (detail) - Image via artfacts.net

Andreas Lau

PointillismJasmine Lark

Andreas Lau is a German artist whose paintings question our habits of seeing the world around us, forcing us to wonder how much we truly understand it.

YZ - profile


Street Art,Urban ArtBojan Zlatkov

Yseult Digan, better known as YZ, is a French urban artist celebrated as an author who creates her feminine works on craft paper and puts them up on public walls.

Simon Mathewson - Photo of the artist - Image courtesy of Simon Mathewson

Simon Mathewson

Geometric abstractionSusan Wang

Simon Mathewson is a British artist who is primarily interested in finding a compositional balance with interlocking shapes and interacting colors.

Word to Mother - Photo of the artist - Image via arrestedmotioncom

Word To Mother

Drawing,Graffiti,Painting,PrintsMaximilian Braun

Word To Mother is a creative pseudonym of a British urban author who creates work that combines many influences and translates them into unique pieces of art.

Johnny Thornton

DrawingAndrey V.

Johnny Thornton is an artist living in New York City where he explores the concept of the constructed self through the singular lens of the degrading body.

Lena Schmidt - portrait - photo credits of the artist

Lena Schmidt

Wood engravingAndrey V.

Lena Schmidt is a German artist who developed a unique technique that combines wood engraving methods with illustrations, resulting in otherworldly pieces of art.

Maayke Schuitema

DrawingAndrey V.

Maayke Schuitema is a Hague-based artist whose elegant drawings investigate the intimate roles and relationships of women in our modern day societies.

Jim Houser artist portrait

Jim Houser

Collage,Installation,Painting,SculptureBojan Zlatkov

Best known for his works in installations, painting, sculpture and collage, Jim Houser is an American artist and one of the members of Space1026.