Bruno Pontiroli

Pop Surrealism,SurrealismJasmine Lark

Bruno Pontiroli is a French surreal artist who has created his own highly imaginative alternative world comprised of the absurd and paradoxes.

Silio Durt - Phantom of Industry (Detail), 2010

Silio Durt

Illustration,PaintingM. Zotovich

Silio Durt is a Belgian artist born in 1985, whose paintings present sort of an organized disorder. He holds a degree in illustration and drawing.

Drew Leshko - Photo of the artist in his studio - Image via hahamag Plastic and paper buildings are the sold paradigm of 2015 and 2016 for building a home

Drew Leshko

SculptureAndrey V.

Drew Leshko is an American artist who recreates everyday elements of his neighborhood, turning them into detailed and intriguing sculptures.

Lucie Rie in her studio

Lucie Rie

Pottery,Studio potteryNina K

Lucie Rie was a remarkable Austrian-born studio potter, known for her modernist style. She became Dame of the British Empire in 1991.

Mr Jago - In front of one of his pieces - Photo via Artelgallery

Mr. Jago

Urban ArtJean Gallard

Mr. Jago is a British artist, considered a veteran of the urban art and design community and a pioneer of the Scrawl Movement.

CASE Maclaim - The artist in front of his work in Baton Rouge, USA - Image via streetartnewscom contact the blog for more

CASE Maclaim

GraffitiNina K

Andreas von Chrzanowski, also known as CASE Maclaim, is a German street artist recognized for his incredibly photorealistic and surrealistic graffiti pieces

Cascione and Lusciov - Photo of the artists - Image courtesy of the artist new trendland #design #art #sculpture

Cascione and Lusciov

SculptureAndrey V.

Cascione and Lusciov are a young and talented artistic duo of multidisciplinary designers that create fine sculptures of pure shapes

Hannah Chloe - portrait (detail) - photo credits Corin Brown, via crimsoncocoonwordpresscom

Hannah Chloe

Murals,Painting,Stencil,Street Art,Urban ArtDea K.

Hannah Adamaszek is a British contemporary artist, best known for her female portraits, with just the right combination of edgy and feminine.

Aharon Gluska - Between the lines, 2015 2012 and 2011

Aharon Gluska

Abstract ArtAndrey V.

Aharon Gluska is an Israeli painter whose creative practices enable him to give life to marvelous abstract compositions that toy with colors and shapes.

Erwin Wurm - Portrait - Photo via tescom

Erwin Wurm

Installation,SculptureDea K.

Erwin Wurm is an Austrian artist, famous for his ongoing humorous One Minute Sculptures that he has been making since late 1980's.

David Hamilton

PhotographyDylan Cuddy

David Hamilton is a British photographer whose understanding of beauty has produced strong reactions from the critique and the admirers.

Gabriel Perez Raventos - Untitled (Detail), 2010

Gabriel Perez Raventos

Illustration,PaintingM. Zotovich

Gabriel Perez Raventos is a Spanish artist, known for using waste and recycled materials which he turns into pieces of art.

Atsuko Goto - Dreaming Monster, 2016 (detail) view post

Atsuko Goto

Drawing,PaintingAndrey V.

Atsuko Goto is a Japanese artist whose paintings aim at combining a joyous celebration of existence with the melancholic, ephemeral aspect of life

Marco Mazzoni - Photo of the artist - Image via pinterest The 2016 search for a sign

Marco Mazzoni

Drawing,PrintsAndrey V.

Marco Mazzoni is an Italian Milan-based artist whose elaborate drawings depict female figures and small animals being consumed by flora and fauna

Zhao Bandi with models at Bandi Panda fashion show - image courtesy of ShanghART

Zhao Bandi

Installation,Photography,SculptureHugo Hess

Zhao Bandi is a Chinese artist who has made a name for himself by creating works featuring representations of or allusions to panda bears.

Maya Hayuk - In front of her mural

Maya Hayuk

MuralsMaximilian Braun

Maya Hayuk is an American artist best known for her bold and bright geometric patterns that she utilizes in large scale murals.

Ren Hung - photo via ostlicht

Ren Hang

PhotographyNina K

Ren Hang was a controversial Chinese photographer whose work bends erotic concepts into immaculate imagery rife with crude and mysterious spirituality.

Will Barras - Bad Reception, solo show at StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK, photo credits - Arrested Motion

Will Barras

Painting,Street ArtJasmine Lark

Will Barras is an acclaimed British artist, illustrator and animation director whose work is characterized by expressive, bold strokes of paint and fluid lines.

Photo of the artist - Image via ambafrance-ilorg

Jean Faucheur

Installation,Sculpture,Street ArtJasmine Lark

Jean Faucheur is one of the pioneers of street art in France who dedicated the entirety of his career to working in and combining a variety of mediums

Stendec - Portrait


3D Art,Urban ArtM. Zotovich

Stendec is a Scottish artist, based in London, known for creating 3D imaginary and hand drawn art with minimum use of tones and colors.

Habitual Daydream, 2016 (detail) - Image courtesy of the artist Human services are focused on help post graduate law students with information, health, research and contact search search

Jennifer Wagner

Abstract ArtAndrey V.

Jennifer Wagner is an American artist whose mixed media paintings explore how tensions between pictorial elements can represent the very core of an artwork