Contemporary Art


Illustration,Street ArtColleen Francisco

Phlegm is a British Sheffield-based muralist and artist who first developed his illustrations in comics and now his work is featured in the urban landscape.

Johnny Taylor - profile

Johnny Taylor

Drawing,PaintingJasmine Lark

Johnny Taylor is an American artist known for his colorful, bold acrylic and mixed media paintings. He was born in 1971 in Helena, Arkansas.

Andy Kehoe - All Turns to Brilliance

Andy Kehoe

PaintingAya N.I.

Andy Kehoe is an American artist, known for his contemporary surrealistic paintings, which sometimes feature animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Monkey Bird

Collage,Drawing,Engraving,Murals,Stencil,Street ArtNikola Milosevic

Monkey Bird is a duo of French contemporary artists. They are known for using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks.

Stikman working on a stencil at his studio - photo credit Jaime Rojo


StencilBojan Zlatkov

stikman, sometimes referred to as Stickman or Bob, is an anonymous American graffiti artist, the mastermind behind stikman - a robot-like figure which looks like it is made of sticks.

Jia Aili in front of his artwork - Photo copyright of CAC Malaga y Lorenzo Carnero

Jia Aili

PaintingHugo Hess

Jia Aili is an artist whose works tell a true story about the reality, reflected in the advancement of technology and the increase of modern appeal.

Elly Smallwood - in front of her artwork - photo courtesy of Galerie Benjamin Eck

Elly Smallwood

PaintingAndrey V.

Elly Smallwood is a young and talented painter originally from Canada whose visual vocabulary is a true delight to see and investigate.

Ron Mueck - The artist hard at work - Image via imgurcom media mixed 2005

Ron Mueck

SculptureAndrey V.

Ron Mueck is an Australian artist who makes incredibly life-like sculptures that regularly leave the viewers in awe due to their scale and the astonishing level of detail.

Contemporary Art

David Lynch

Painting,Photography,PrintsMilja Ficpatrik

David Lynch is best known as a prolific filmmaker of dark and surreal movies, but his work also stretches out into the fields of painting and photography.

Susan Cantrick

Abstract ArtBalasz Takac

Susan Cantrick is an American born French artist known for peculiar abstract paintings which are based as a structured visual response to sub-linguistic thinking.

Nancy Graves next to her sculpture, in 1989 © Estate of Arthur Mones

Nancy Graves

Abstract Art,Conceptual Art,Painting,Sculpture,Video ArtDea K.

Nancy Graves is an American multidisciplinary artist, known as the youngest person who had a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Baroness Elsa

Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

Dada,Performance ArtSmirna K

The pioneering avant-garde feminist and artist Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven is one of the most forgotten icons of 20th century and Dada performance art.


Stencil,WildstyleAmy Lin

Onemizer is an artist from France widely known for his colorful wildstyle graffiti and portraits of celebrities made on walls, canvas and wood.



Drawing,Murals,Street ArtJasmine Lark

Aris is an Italian street artist who has constructed his own expressive language that distinguishes him in the European scene of the urban and contemporary art.


Stencil,Street ArtM. Zotovich

Monstfur is a Polish artist duo, known for creating amazing stencils, and showing their works in streets and galleries around the globe.

Alexandra Ramirez

PaintingAmy Lin

Alexandra Ramirez is a Bulgarian born artist who works mainly in painting, but also creates illustration, ready-made objects, screen-printing, video works and art-writing.

Jeremy Blake

Animation,Digital Art,InstallationDea K.

Jeremy Blake was an American digital artist and painter, born in Oklahoma in 1971. The talented and promising artist committed suicide in New York City, he was 35 years old,

Kate Cooper

Digital ArtAmy Lin

Kate Cooper is an artist who uses digital art, photography and video works to explore the tension between the digital and the real world.

Saber at Opera Gallery - photo credits Arrested Motion


GraffitiColleen Francisco

Saber became a legend when in 1997 he completed word's largest graffiti. The artist battles political regimes through his art, communicating to the average man.

Reisha Perlmutter - work in progress

Reisha Perlmutter

HyperrealismAndrey V.

Since her early childhood, Reisha Perlmutter has found her internal language and understanding of the world through creating pieces of art.

Marc Craig

Street ArtBalasz Takac

Marc Craig is a street artist based in London who works primarily with large scale murals, both on his own and as part of the street art collective Psychdodoodlz which he also founded in 2015.