Andrei Sharov

Andrei Sharov
Andrei Sharov
Andrei Sharov
Russian Federation
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  • contemporary art

Andrei Sharov Exhibitions

Dea K.

YearExhibition titleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2014Andrei SharovZeppelin Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2014Art NocturnalJapanese garden, Monte-Carlo, MonacoGroup
2013Andrei SharovBank UBS Gallery, Monte-Carlo, MonacoSolo
2013Andrei SharovMoscow in Paris, W Matignon Gallery, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Art NocturnalJapanese garden, Monte-Carlo, MonacoSolo
2012AnarchySovremennik Teatre, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2011Art NocturnalJapanese garden, Monte-Carlo, MonacoSolo
2011Andrei SharovFederation Tower, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2011Art Basel 2011La piaggia, Miami, USAGroup
2010Andrei SharovAtlas Art Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
2010Art-Construction-2Praktika Theater, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2009Art-ConstructionPraktika Theater, Moscow, RussiaGroup
2001Anna KareninaMalaya Bronnaya Theater, Moscow, RussiaSolo
1996Theater HistoryNB Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
1994B. Vian. Foam of daysForeign Literature Library with a support of French Cultural center, Moscow, RussiaSolo
1993Once, during last summer T. WilliamsNB Gallery, Moscow, RussiaSolo
1991Mutual Responsibility and CoTushinskiy Showroom, Moscow, RussiaGroup
1991Group ExhibitionArt Myth, Moscow, RussiaGroup
1990Group Exhibition Art Myth, Moscow, RussiaGroup
1989Group Exhibition Ten Gallery, Kiev, UkraineGroup
1988Andrei SharovHFMTI Showroom, Moscow, RussiaSolo