Steven Ogburn
Steven Ogburn
United States
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  • graffiti

Blade Exhibitions

Dea K.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2015BladeFoggia & Manfredonia, ItalySolo
2015Fuck the King, Long Live the Kings, Blade, Inkie and ShoeVroom & Varossieau, AmsterdamGroup
2015BladeGothenburg, SwedenSolo
2014BladeMuseum of the City of New York, New YorkSolo
2014Group ShowJonathan Levine Gallery, New YorkGroup
2014BladeGalleria Varsi, Rome, ItalySolo
2013Viborg Billboard FestivalN B Gallerie, DenmarkGroup
2013BladeArticks Gallery, AmsterdamSolo
2012Group ShowGallery Speerstra, SwitzerlandGroup
2012BladeHelenbeck Gallery Nice, FranceSolo
2012BladeArt Basel via Adjust Gallery, Miami, FloridaSolo
2011Museum ShowMoCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Los AngelesGroup
2011Group ShowArticks gallery, AmsterdamGroup
2011Group ShowGallerie HelenbeckGroup
2011Group ShowGallery Vlasblom, Bergen, AmsterdamGroup
2011Group ShowGallery Speerstra, SwitzerlandGroup
2011Martha Cooper & BladeCarmichael Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
2010BladeGismondi Galerie, ParisSolo
2009BladePinjenburg Gallery, AmsterdamSolo
2008BladeGalerie Gismondi and Helenbeck Galerie, ParisSolo
2008BladeHelenbeck Galerie, NiceSolo
2005Group ShowBrooklyn Library, Brooklyn, NYGroup
2005Old School LegendsThe Outside Institute, LondonGroup
2004Down Under TourAuckland, New ZealandGroup
2004Blade, Cope II, PistolAurora Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2004Group ShowMarco Art Galerie, New York, NYGroup
2004Down Under TourBrisbane, Melbourne, AustraliaGroup
2004BladeMarco Art Galerie, New York, NYSolo
2003Blade with Seen, Revolt, Chino and PistolMarco Art Galerie, New York, NYGroup
2002BladeMarco Art Galerie, New York, NYSolo
2000BladeWhitney Museum, New YorkSolo
2000BladeBrooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New YorkSolo
1999Group ShowBronx Museum, New YorkGroup
1998Stockholm FestivalStockholm, SwedenGroup
1998Group ShowMuseum der Stadt Ratingen, Ratingen, GermanyGroup
1998Blade – CaseMartinez Gallery, New YorkSolo
1997SymposiumMuseum of the City of New York, New YorkGroup
1997Wiesbaden FestivalWiesbaden, GermanyGroup
1996Group ShowGallerie City, Paris, FranceGroup
1996Drawings ShowSouth of FranceGroup
1996Group ShowThe Stedelijk Museum Roemond, Roemond, The NetherlandsGroup
1995Group ShowMuseum Dortmund, GermanyGroup
1995Group ShowGallerie Heidelberg, GermanyGroup
1995Group ShowBoyemans Museum, GermanyGroup
1995Dusseldorf FestivalDusseldorf, GermanyGroup
1994Group ShowCastle Helmond, The NederlandsGroup
1993Museum ShowRotterdam Museum, RotterdamGroup
1993Group ShowCity Gallerie, Brussels, BelgiumGroup
1993Group ShowMuseum Boymans, RotterdamGroup
1992Quik – BladeMannheimer Kunstverein, MannheimGroup
1992Quik – BladeThe Stedelijk Museum Helmond, Helmond, The NetherlandsGroup
1992Group ShowCity Gallery, Milan, ItalyGroup
1992Museum ShowGroninger Museum, GroningenGroup
1992Group ShowThe Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannhein, GermanyGroup
1992Coming from the Subway – New York graffiti ArtGroninger Museum, GroningenGroup
1991Graffiti ArtMusee National des Monuments Francois, Paris, FranceGroup
1989The Art FoundationAcademicals Hospital Leiden, The NetherlandsGroup
1989Group ShowHeidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, GermanyGroup
1989Group ShowNassauisher Kunstverein Weisbaden, GermanyGroup
1989BladeGalerie Yaki Kornblit, AmsterdamSolo
1988De Horizon VoorbijGemeente Museum, The NetherlandsGroup
1987Art ForumThomas Foundation, Munich, GermanyGroup
1986New York GraffitiLeopold-Hoesch Museum, DurenGroup
1986Group ShowGalerie Yaki Kornblit, AmsterdamGroup
1986Group ShowThe Stedelijk Museum Helmond, The NetherlandsGroup
1985New York GraffitiGemeente Museum, NederlandsGroup
1985BladeGalerie Yaki Kornblit, AmsterdamSolo
1985BladeStellweg - Seguy Gallery, New YorkSolo
1985BladeThe Stedelijk Museum Helmond, The NetherlandsSolo
1984GraffitiGroninger Museum, GroningenGroup
1984New York GraffitiLouisiana, HumleboekGroup
1984Zeitgenossische KunstGalerie Thomase, MunichGroup
1984BladeGalerie Yaki Kornblit, AmsterdamSolo
1983Post-GraffitiGalerie Sydney Janis, New YorkGroup
1983GraffitiMuseum Boymans-van Beuningen, RotterdamGroup
1983BladeGalerie Yaki Kornblit, AmsterdamSolo
1981New York - New WavePS1 Long Island City, New YorkGroup