Gulay Semercioglu

Gülay Semercioglu
Gulay Semercioglu
Gülay Semercioglu
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Gulay Semercioglu Exhibitions

Nikola Milosevic

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016The Power of FormPlato Sanat, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2015The Woman On The WirePi Artworks, London, UKSolo
2015The Woman On The WireThe Safa Hotel, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2014Walking on the WirePi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2014Autonomous and BeautifulAkbank Sanat, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2014The Language of HUman ConsciousnessAthr Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaGroup
2013Sublime Porte: An Exhibition of Contemporary Turkish ArtDr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery, St. JOhn's University, New York, USAGroup
2012Variations on LineLeila Heller Gallery, New York, USASolo
2012The Line Of LifeGallery Etemad, UAESolo
2011Erotic LinePi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2011Dream and Reality - Modern and Contemporary Women Artists from TurkeyIstanbul Modern, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2010Mardin BeinnialMardin, TurkeyGroup
2010Istanbul CoolLTMH Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2010Kasa 10th Year ExhibitionSabanci Univeristy Kasa Galery, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2009Light on LinePi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2009In StitchesLTMH Gallery, New York, USAGroup
2009Istanbul Nex Wave: Under my feet i want the world, not heavenAkademie Der Kunste, Pariser Platz, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2009KaleidoscopeKashya Hildebrand Gallery, Zurich, SwitzerlandGroup
20082XTPi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2007ArtIstanbul 2007Pi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2006inforNationPi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2006deforNationPi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2006Kinetic LinePi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2005This Is For You, 50 Artists 50 WorksIstanbul Modern Art Gallery, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2005Marinart 05Bodrum, TurkeyGroup
2004Thee One I See Is Not YouPi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2004Beyodlu 14-18Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2004Young Artists VAlmelek Art Gallery, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2003Gulay CemerciogluOne Culture Arts Center, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
2002ApproachesAkbank Sanat, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2001Nature and ManElturca Art Gallery, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
2001TRT Painting and Ceramic CompetitonMilitary Museum, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, TurkeyGroup
2000TimesPi Artworks, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
200021st Contemporary Artists Istanbul ExhibitionState Gallery of Fine Arts, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
1999Turkish Jokey Club Painting Competiton ExhibitionVeli Efendi Hippodrome Naval Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
1999KasaSabanci University Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
1998ReflectionsAyse and Ercumend Kalmyk Foundation, Istanbul, TurkeySolo
1998Print ExhibitionMimar Sinan University, Istanbul, TurkeyGroup
1996Gulay CemerciogluTaksim Art Gallery, Istanbul, TurkeySolo