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  • contemporary art

Gum Exhibitions

Dea K.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2013Cosmopolitan CollectiveGallery Has Down, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2012X-tra GelatinousGallery Tower, Paris, FranceSolo
2012Eroticism everywhere and especiallyHotel Particulier, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2011Deck'On Street ArtGallery Celal, Paris, FranceGroup
2011PhotosLa Villa Rouge, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2010Vaginarama VibesMontpellier, FranceSolo
2010IdiocracyArt Gallery 22, Brussels, Belgium Group
2009Kunst im treasure CollectiveMunich, Germany Group
2009The World of Urban Contemporary ArtJen Zen, Aalborg, Denmark Group
2009We are back CollectiveIntoxicated Demon, Berlin, Germany Group
2009Fize TrophyMontpellier, FranceGroup
2009GumThe Surf Galery, Biarritz, France Group
2009AuctionHouse LECLERC, Marseille, FranceGroup
2009AuctionMillon auction, Paris, FranceGroup
2008Inflame me I'm famousMontana Shop, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2008400 ml CollectiveHouse Steelworkers, Paris, FranceGroup
2008Sprayskool with Zest, Mist & HonetMontana Shop, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2007GumInstallation Gallery Etc, Montpellier, FranceSolo
2005Biennial of young creators of EuropeNaples, ItalyGroup
2001New Art Direction with Supakitch & KoralieGolf Massane, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2001IKEART with Supakitch & KoralieGallery of the Old Fencing, Montpellier, FranceGroup
2001Queestom Show with Posh & BruskPapyspray, Lyon, FranceGroup
2001Urban Art CollectiveSumai Café, Paris, FranceGroup