Kate Brinkworth

Kate Brinkworth
Kate Brinkworth
Kate Brinkworth
United Kingdom
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  • photorealism

Kate Brinkworth Exhibitions

Dea K.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2014All or nothingAlon Zakaim Fine Art, LondonSolo
2014Group showEnvie d'art LondonGroup
2014Group ShowHolmer Gallery, SwedenGroup
2014The Derwent Art PrizeMall galleries, LondonGroup
2013Group ShowThe Drang Gallery, Padstow, Cornwall, UKGroup
2013Group ShowOriel Plas Glyn y Weddw Gallery, Gwynedd, UKGroup
2013Group ShowHolmer Gallery, SwedenGroup
2013AnalogueAlon Zakaim Gallery, LondonGroup
2013London Art FairIslingtonGroup
2012Art EdinburghGinny Gray GalleryGroup
2012Group ShowMelissa Morgan Gallery, Palm Desert CAGroup
2012AAF SingaporeMark Jason GalleryGroup
2012Art CheshireGinny Gray GalleryGroup
2012Chicago Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2012Group ShowHolmer Gallery, SwedenGroup
2012London Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2011AAF HampsteadMark Jason GalleryGroup
2011Summer Contemporary ExhibitionAlon Zakaim GalleryGroup
2011Stockholm Art FairHolmer Gallery SwedenGroup
2010Solo ShowAlon Zakaim GallerySolo
2010Occidental DimensionsBrightonGroup
2010University Chicago Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2010New York Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2010London Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2009London Art FairIslington, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2009New York Art FairMark Jason GalleryGroup
2008London Art FairIslington, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2008Art LondonChelsea, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2008AAF New YorkMark Jason GalleryGroup
2008Guilty PleasuresAlon Zakaim Gallery LondonGroup
2008AAF LondonMark Jason Gallery, LondonGroup
2007artLONDONChelsea, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2007Group ShowEnvie D'Art Gallery ParisGroup
2007Group ShowMendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2007AAF New York Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2007AAF BatterseaMark Jason GalleryGroup
2007Gallery London Art FairIslington, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2006Group ShowGalerie Envie d'ArtGroup
2006AAF New York Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2006artLONDONChelsea, Mark Jason GalleryGroup
2006AAF BatterseaMark Jason GalleryGroup
2006Gallery ArtistsMark Jason GalleryGroup
2005Group ShowMark Jason GalleryGroup
2005AAF New YorkMark Jason GalleryGroup
2005BlurMark Jason GalleryGroup
2004Solo ShowThe West Gate Gallery, NottinghamSolo
2004Annual Open Art competitionThe West Gate Gallery, NottinghamGroup
2004Art Rocks! British Contemporary ArtPark Rock, NottinghamGroup
2004Group ShowManhattan Gallery, NottinghamGroup
2004Group ShowThe Artifex Gallery, B'hamGroup
2003Solo ShowBritart Gallery, LondonSolo
2003Art2001Islington Design CentreGroup
2003Group ShowDazed and Confused Gallery, LondonGroup
2003Group ShowSecta Gallery, NottinghamGroup
2003Group ShowManhattan Gallery, NottinghamGroup