Luis Lazo

Luis Lazo
Luis Lazo
Luis Lazo
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Luis Lazo Exhibitions

Nikola Milosevic

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Distant Fields& Gallery, MiamiSolo
2015Plus One ExhibitionDeering Estate, MiamiGroup
2015Structure and PerspectiveSnap Orlando, OrlandoGroup
2014All About WarholCU-1 Gallery, MiamiGroup
2014Sweat IIMartin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts, MiamiGroup
2012When You’re a BoyDina Mitrani Gallery, MiamiSolo
2012Featuring PhotographyDeering Estate At Cutler, MiamiGroup
2012Paradise : Lost or FoundStudio 18, Pembroke PinesGroup
2012Exposure IIDina Mitrani Gallery, MiamiGroup
2010All that you leaveKahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, HollandSolo
2010Figuratively SpeakingStudio 18, Pembroke PinesGroup
2010DisposableDina Mitrani Gallery, MiamiGroup
2007WeedsChateau La Thibaudier, Arts Festival, FranceSolo
2006Un Voyage IntemporelChateau d’Hardcourt, FranceSolo
2005Instants FugacesChateau d’Hardcourt, FranceSolo
2001Miami From Hiroshima to SarajevoSmiths Gallery LondonGroup