Noriyuki Haraguchi

Noriyuki Haraguchi
Noriyuki Haraguchi
Noriyuki Haraguchi
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  • Installations

Noriyuki Haraguchi Exhibitions

Hugo Hess

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015 *Noriyuki Haraguchi*Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2014 *Works for Kanazawa* Miyake Fine Arts, TokyoSolo
2014 *NORIYUKI HARAGUCHI* Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2014 *Art @ Tsuchizawa* Hanamaki-City, Iwate, JapanGroup
2014*CROSSROAD* ART BASE MOMOSHIMA,Hiroshima, JapanGroup
2014*DOMMUNE University of the Arts -Tokyo ArtsGroup
2014Circulation-* 3331 Arts Chiyoda, TokyoGroup
2014*BankART Life IV - Dreams of the East Asia*BankART Studio NYK, Kanagawa, JapanGroup
2013 *Haraguchi Noriyuki* Kanazawa Art University Gallery,KanazawaSolo
2013 *Art Unlimited 2014*Fergus McCaffrey, New YorkSolo
2013 *Re:Quest - Japanese Contemporary Art since the1970s’ MoA, Seoul, South KoreaGroup
2013 Matter and Sculpture:From Aporia toward Memento*The University Art Museum,TokyoUniversity of the ArtGroup
2013*Two Billion Light Years of Solitude* Kanazawa ArtGummi Gallery, KanazawaGroup
2012*Works from Yokosuka* McCaffrey Fine Art, New York.Solo
2012*Ship 60's & Work on Paper* Kamakura Gallery,Kanagawa.Solo
2012*Double Tone* Miyake Fine Art, Tokyo.Solo
2012 *Requiem for the sun: The Art of Mono-ha*Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.Group
2012 *Cosmic Travelers –Toward the Unknown*Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo.Group
2012 *Water and Land-Niigata Art Festival 2012* Niigata.Group
2012 *Tokyo 1955-1970 : A New Avant-Garde*The Museum of Modern Art, New York.Group
2011 *Noriyuki Haraguchi*Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa.Solo
2010 *Noriyuki Haraguchi* Miyake Fine Art, Tokyo.Solo
2009Untitled Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2009*Society and Matter*BankART 1929 Studio NYK, Kanagawa.Solo
2008UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2008UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Solo
2008UntitledKunst-Station Sankt Peter, Köln.Solo
2008*Works on Paper*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2008*Abstraction of Square*Dance Hakushu 2008, Yamanashi.Group
2007UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2007 *Das schwarze Quadrat -Hommage an Malewitsch*Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg.Group
2007 *Teahouse, Camp, Hypothesis*Dance Hakushu 2007, Yamanashi.Group
2007 *VIEW* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Group
2006 *An Empty Space* Akira Ikeda Gallery, New York.Solo
2006 *Feeling of Lead* Gallery Hirawata, Kanagawa.Solo
2006 *A Slope* Dance Hakushu 2006, Yamanashi.Group
2005Untitled Gallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2005*New Works* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
2005UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin.Solo
2005 *Where from the FAMILY?(Tokason dance performance set design)*New National Theatre Tokyo.Group
2005*Mono-ha Reconsidered*The National Museum of Art, Osaka.Group
2005*Yoshitatsu Yanagihara with me* Gallery Seira, Tokyo.Group
2004*Black Red* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2003Untitled Gallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
2003*Oil and Water* Gallery Hirawata, Kanagawa.Solo
2003UntitledVilla Waldberta, München.Solo
2003*Gravity* Oita Art Museum.Group
2002 *Cyclical Art Site - Contemporary Art Exhibition*Oita Art Museum.Group
2001Untitled Galerie Hans Mayer, Berlin.Solo
2001*Haraguchi*Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München.Solo
2001 *In Time*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
2001*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair ⅩⅣ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
2000 *Kwangju Biennale 2000* Kwangju, Korea.Group
2000*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair ⅩⅢ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1999 *Atami Biennale* Atami, Shizuoka.Group
1999*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅻ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1998 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅺ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.3Group
1997UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1997UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1997 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅹ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1997*Kwangju Biennale 1997* Kwangju, Korea.Group
1997*Gravity-Axis of Contemporary Art*The National Museum of Art, Osaka.Group
1996UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1996 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅸ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1996*JAPON 1970 -Matiere et perception:Le Mono-ha et la recherche des fondements de l'art*Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne, France.Group
1996*Pino Pascali, Jiro Takamatsu, Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1996*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '96* Yamanashi.Group
1995UntitledHotel & Art AMBIK Contemporary Art,Atami, Shizuoka.Solo
1995UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1995 *Matter and Perception 1970,Mono-ha and the Search for Fundamentals*The Museum of Fine Arts, GifuGroup
1995*Japanese Culture: The Fifty Postwar Years*Meguro Museum of Art, TokyoGroup
1995*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅷ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1995*ASIANA -Contemporary Art from the Far East*Fondazione Mudima, Palazzo Vendramin Group
1995*Summer Show* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Group
1995*Small Sculptures* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1995*The 16th Modern Japanese Sculpture Exhibition*Open-Air Sculpture Park, Ube,Yamaguchi.Group
1994UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1994 *Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅶ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1994*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '94* Yamanashi.Group
1994*Mono-ha:Noriyuki Haraguchi Noboru Takayama* Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1993Untitled Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1993UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, New York.Solo
1993*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅵ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1993*Oita Contemporary Art Exhibition '93-Propose tothe Urban Environment - Impractical*Oita.Group
1992*Group Show* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1992*Group Show*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1992*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅴ*Nagoya Civic Gallery.Group
1992*New Drawings*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Group
1992*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '92* Yamanashi.Group
1992*Joseph Beuys, Piero Manzoni, Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1991UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1991UntitledGoto Museum of Art, Chiba.Solo
1991*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '91* Yamanashi.Group
1991*’70’s-‘80’s Contemporary Art Kamakura GalleryGroup
1991PartⅢ Artists of Mono-ha* Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1990UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1990UntitledYoshimitsu Hijikata Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1990UntitledAC&T Corporation, Tokyo.Solo
1990UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Kanagawa.Solo
1990UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1990 *Group Show* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1990*Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair Ⅲ*Nagoya Electricity Museum Building.Group
1990*Pharmakon '90 Makuhari Messe Contemporary ArtGroup
1990Exhibition Makuhari Messe, Chiba.Group
1990*Pharmakon '90 Bags and Posters*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1990*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '90* Yamanashi.Group
1990*Minimal Art* The National Museum of Art, Osaka.Group
1989 *Nagoya Contemporary Art FairⅡ*Nagoya Electricity Museum Building.Group
1989 *Painting & Relief*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1989 *Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '89* Yamanashi.Group
1989 Color and or Monochrome -A Perspective onContemporary Art*The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.Group
1988UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledJudson Art Warehouse Viewing Gallery, New York.Solo
1988UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledAC&T Corporation, Tokyo.Solo
1988UntitledSan Diego State University Art Gallery, California.Solo
1988 *(C) Overt: A Series of Exhibitions* P.S.1, New York.*Painting & Sculpture Noriyuki Haraguchi,Group
1988Isamu Wakabayashi,Jonathan Borofsky, Imi Knoebel*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1988 *Print Works by 12 Artists* Gallery of Council for Cultural Planning and Development, Taiwan.Group
1988*Summer Art Festival in Hakushu '88*Yamanashi.4Group
1987UntitledHoffman Borman Gallery, Santa Monica, California.Solo
1987UntitledJudson Art Warehouse Viewing Gallery, New York.Solo
1987UntitledMaki Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1987UntitledGallery Gen, Tokyo.Solo
1987*Drawing for Sculpture* Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston.Group
1987*Toyama Now '87*The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama.Group
1987*Relief & Sculpture - Noriyuki Haraguchi, Naoyoshi Hikosaka* Akira Ikeda Gallery,Nagoya Gallery Te,Tokyo.Group
1986UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1986*Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition*Taipei Fine Arts Museum.Group
1986*Mono-ha:Noriyuki Haraguchi Noboru TakayamaGroup
1986Koji Enokura* Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1986*Dispersed Core* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1986*Black and White in Art Today*The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.Group
1986*Drawings* Akira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Group
1985UntitledGalerie Karin Bolz, Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany.Solo
1985UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1985 *Works by Watercolors Part Ⅲ*Kamakura Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1985*Maquette Models and Drawings for Sculptures*Galerie Jullien-Cornic, Paris.Group
1985*Summer show -Frank Stella, Richard Serra, JeanMichel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer & Noriyuki Haraguchi*Akira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1984 *The 1970s* Kamakura Gallery Tokyo.Group
1984*Trends of Contemporary Japanese Art 1970-1984:Universality, Individuality*Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.Group
1983UntitledJuda Rowan Gallery, London.Solo
1983UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1982UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1982*A Panorama of Contemporary Art in Japan*The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama.Group
1982*The 8th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition*Suma Rikyu Park, Kobe.Group
1981UntitledSakura Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1981UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1981*Schwarz* Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.*Construction in Process -Art of the 70s* Łódź, Poland.Group
1981*Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition*The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Seoul.Group
1980UntitledAnnely Juda Fine Art, London.Solo
1980UntitledGalerie Art in Progress, Düsseldorf.Solo
1980UntitledAkira Ikeda Gallery, Nagoya.2Solo
1980 *Vision for the 80s Hara Museum of Contemporary Art,Tokyo.Group
1979UntitledSakura Gallery, Nagoya.Solo
1979UntitledKoh Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1978UntitledGalerie Alfred Schmela, Düsseldorf.Solo
1978 *The 6th Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition*Suma Rikyu Park, Kobe.Group
1977UntitledKaneko Art Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1977 *Documenta 6* Kassel, Germany.*10th Biennale de Paris*Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.Group
1977Exchange Show of American and JapaneseContemporary Art*Langton Street Gallery, San Francisco.Group
1976UntitledSato Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1976UntitledGallery U, Nagoya.Solo
1976UntitledMaki Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1976 *Kyoto Biennale '76*Kyoto Municipal Art Museum of Art.Group
1976*Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo. *The Biennale of Sydney* Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.Group
1975UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledGin Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledNirenoko Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975UntitledKaneko Art Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1975 *Kyoto Independent*Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.Group
1975*EXHIBISM - From Method to Method*Kanagawa Prefectural Hall Gallery.Group
1975*Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1975*The 6th Modern Japanese Sculpture Exhibition*Open-Air Sculptural Park, Ube, Yamaguchi.Group
1975*The 11th Artists Today - Still Life*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1974UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1974UntitledGallery Iteza, Kyoto.Solo
1974 *Japan -Tradition and Gegenwart*Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany.Group
1973UntitledGallery Iteza, Kyoto.Solo
1973UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1973 *Ten-Ten (Exhibition of Points)* Taura Port, Kanagawa.Group
1973 *The 8th Japan Art Festival*Tokyo Central Museum. (Award of Excellence)Group
1973 *Dimension and Situation*Kinokuniya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1973 *The 1st Hakone Open-Air Museum Exhibition*The Hakone Open-Air Museum.Group
1973 *The 5th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture*Open-Air Exhibition Site in Tokiwa Park,Ube,Yamaguchi.Group
1973 *'74 Dessin* Gin Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1972UntitledSato Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1972UntitledGin Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1972*Sinkers and Springs* Tokyo American Center.Group
1972*Contemporary Artists '72*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.5Group
1971UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1971 *Word and Image* Pinar Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1971*The 10th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan*Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.Group
1971*3 Artists* Gallery Iteza, Kyoto.Group
1971*Print 1972*Shirota Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1970UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1970 *Opening* Tokiwa Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1970*Open Air Festival of Contemporary Art*Kodomonokuni, Yokohama.Group
1970*The 3rd Apple in Space* Tokyo American Center.Group
1969UntitledTamura Gallery, Tokyo.Solo
1969 *The 5th International Young Artists Exhibition*Seibu Department Store, Tokyo.Group
1969*3 Artists - Toshiyuki Takagi, Masabumi Maita,Noriyuki Haraguchi* Akiyama Gallery,Tokyo.Group
1969*The 4th Japan Art Festival* (Award of Excellence)The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.Group
1969*The 2nd Apple in Space* Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1969*Trends in Contemporary Art*The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.Group
1968UntitledMuramatsu Gallery, Tokyo. Solo
1968 *The 1st Apple in Space* Hibiya Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1968 *Nippon Kamaitachi*Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Kanagawa.Group
1967*Twenties MOB*Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo.Group
1966 *The 7th Contemporary Art Exhibition Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. (Awarded)Group