Otto Schade

Otto Alexis Schade López
Otto Schade
Otto Alexis Schade López
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  • Otto Schade portrait - Photo Credits Blundell Street Studios

Otto Schade Exhibitions

Bojan Zlatkov

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Orbs and RibbonsFabrik Gallery, Hong KongSolo
2014Group ShowLollipop Gallery, LondonGroup
2014Contraband (2)Black Apple Gallery, LA, USAGroup
2014Myth and Muse, A Homage to Frida KahloGo Gallery, AmsterdamGroup
2014Around the BlockWell Hung Gallery, LondonGroup
2014Thrive, Save Wild TigersSanderson Hotel, LondonGroup
2014Urban ShakedownDocklands, LondonGroup
2014Curio-CityCurious Duke Gallery, LondonGroup
2014The Kiss, A Dark AffairDifferent Gallery, Fitzrovia, LondonGroup
2013Otto SchadeGregg Sheinbaum Fine Art, Wynwood District, Miami, Florida Solo
2013Hidden MessagesHoxton Gallery, Shoreditch, LondonSolo
2013Zealous Art ShowLondonGroup
2013LOSTStreet Art Archive, ZürichGroup
2013Outside II34 Fine Art, Cape Town, South AfricaGroup
2013Urban and Iconic, The World of Street ArtHoxton Arches 402, LondonGroup
2013Urban InterpretationGraffik Gallery, Notting Hill, LondonGroup
2013Stick TogetherAmsterdam Roest, NetherlandsGroup
2012Otto SchadeFrameless Gallery, London, UKSolo
2012Otto SchadeBen Oakley gallery Greenwich, London, UKSolo
2012Urban BarrierBen Oakley Gallery / Rooms MagazineGroup
2012Group ShowGo Gallery, Amsterdam, NetherlandGroup
2012Group ShowAC Fine Art gallery, Miami, USAGroup
2012First CutLondon West Bank gallery, London, UKGroup
2012Crossing BordersMSA gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2012Long Players ShowBen Oakley gallery Greenwich, London, UKGroup
2012PhantasmagoriaForman’s Smokespace Gallery, London, UKGroup
2011Otto SchadeFrameless Gallery, London, UKSolo
2011Otto SchadeLAVA Gallery, London, UKSolo
2011Group ShowUnderdog gallery , London, UKGroup
2011Group ShowLava Gallery in Rag Factory, London, UKGroup
2011Our beloved JapanAlmanac Gallery Daikayama, Tokyo, JapanGroup
2011Group ShowAlekano gallery and Alekano Club, London, UKGroup
2011Group ShowLondon West Bank gallery, London, UKGroup
2011Urban in IbizaAgroturismo Atzaro Ibiza, SpainGroup
2011Factory ProjectRed Bull Studios, London, UKGroup
2011Group ShowSeven Space gallery, Kent, UKGroup
2011Group ShowLondon West Bank gallery, London, UKGroup
2011Group ShowGZ gallery, Paris, FranceGroup
2010Group ShowTopolski Century gallery, London, UKGroup
2010Orchestra of stringsCrypt gallery, London, UKGroup
2010Group ShowBedford Sreet Art gallery, Woburn, UKGroup
2010Artworks Project SpaceLondon, UKGroup
2010Group ShowSides Art & Frames gallery, Lytham, UKGroup
2009Group ShowThe Lock Death and daylight, London, UKGroup
2009Group ShowHet Weefhuiss Gallery in Amsterdam, NetherlandGroup
2009Group ShowAustin Gallery in London, UKGroup
2008Otto SchadeHet Weefhuiss Gallery in Amsterdam, NetherlandSolo
2007Otto SchadeChilean Embassy Moscow, RussiaSolo
2007Otto SchadeGallery Fernseheturm Berlin, GermanySolo
2007Otto SchadeGallery 24 Paris, New York, USA Solo
2007Otto SchadeRivington Gallery, London, UKSolo
2006Group ShowInspired Art Fair and Spitalfields New Development in London, UKGroup
2006Group ShowGallery 24 Paris, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2005Otto SchadeHelle Panke Art Gallery, Prenzlauberg, Berlin, GermanySolo
2005Otto SchadeZeitzone Art Gallery, Kreuzberg Berlin, GermanySolo
2005Group ShowOpen Air Gallery Obenbaumbrücke Friederichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2005Group Show24 Gallery, Friederichshain, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2004Group ShowBethanien Künstlerhaus, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2004Group ShowSmol Art Gallery, Concepción-ChileGroup
2003Group ShowSmol Art Gallery, Concepción-ChileGroup
2002Group ShowEcuador Park, Concepción-ChileGroup
2000Otto SchadeFrench Alliance Art Gallery, Concepción - ChileSolo
1998Otto SchadeArt Gallery of Intendence Building Concepcion - ChileSolo
1998Otto SchadeArt Gallery of Plaza del Trébol Mall Concepcion - ChileSolo