Pierre Yermia

Pierre Yermia
Pierre Yermia
Pierre Yermia
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Pierre Yermia Exhibitions

Nikola Milosevic

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Outdoor Monumental SculpturesThermal Park, Chatel Guyon, France
2016Tribute to Shinsai HarutaGalerie des Ormes, Paris, France
2015L’ArrivageTroyes, France
2015UnknoenGalerie Art Aujourd’hui, Paris, France
20159th Biennal of SculptureLe Jardin des sculptures, Bois-Guilbert, France
2014UnknownGalerie Peinture Fraiche, Paris, France
2014UnknownGalerie Des Ormes, Domaine Mauvoisin, Lommoye, France
2014UnknownGalerie Chikabee, De Haan, Belgique
2013UnknownCarre Des Coignard, Nogent, France
2013UnknownMIM Galerie, Martel, France
20138th Biennal of SculptureLe Jardin des sculptures, Bois-Guilbert, France
2012Primo PianoBon Marche, Paris, France
2012UnknownParis 17th district's City Hall
2012Glory AnimalsGalerie Des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2012UnknownGalerie Peinture Fraiche, Paris, France
2011UnknownGalerie Des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2011UnknownGalerie MIM, Martel, France
2010Art’Pros, Orsay, with Perrine Rabouin and Bruno MallartFrance
2009UnknownOFI, Paris, France
2009Affordable Art FearGalerie Dima, London, UK
2008UnknownGalerie des Ormes, Courtenay, Paris, France
2008UnknownGalerie Marbeau, Paris, France
2008UnknownGalerie Actee, Charenton, France
2008Lignes de TempsViaduc des Arts, Paris, France
2008UnknownAeroneff, Pantin, France
2007UnknownGalerie des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2006UnknownGalerie Art 21, Palo Alto, CA, USA
2005UnknownGalerie des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2005Hom’ArtIvry sur Seine, France
2005UnknownGalerie Simonoff, Paris, France
2005UnknownAbbay of Talloire, Annecy, France
2004UnknownCommunider, Paris, France
2004UnknownMaison des Artistes, Charenton, France
2004UnknownMAC 2000, Paris, France
2003UnknownOfivalmo, Paris, France
2003UnknownGalerie Lazoukine, Deauville, France
2003UnknownGalerie Bianca Landgraaf, Laren, Netherlands
2002UnknownGalerie Nichido, Paris, Paris
2002UnknownCultural Centre of Mers-les-Bains, France
2002UnknownMAC 2000, Paris, France
2001UnknownGalerie Bianca Landgraaf, Laren, Netherlands
2001UnknownGalerie Odile Mauve, Paris, France
2000UnknownCultural Centre of Mers-les-Bains, France
1999UnknownGalerie De Buci, Paris
1999UnknownGarath Center, Dusseldorf, Allemagne
1999UnknownMAC 2000, Paris, France
1998UnknownMAC 2000, Paris, France
1997UnknownGalerie 17, Clermont Ferrand, France
1997UnknownGalerie de la Maison des Artistes, Charenton, France
1996UnknownEspace Prevert, Savigny-le-temple, France
1993UnknownSalle Voltaire, Sens, France
1992UnknownSociete Generale des Champs Elysees, Paris, France
1991UnknownGalerie Art-Cadres, Laval, France
1991UnknownGalerie Anex, Montrouge, France
1990Drawing exhibitionRelais Saint Romain, Laigueville, France
1990Sculptures and drawingsDu Temps pour l’Art, Paris, France