Shannon Crees

Shannon Crees
Shannon Crees
Shannon Crees
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Shannon Crees Exhibitions

Jacqueline Clyde

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2013Shannon CreesPure Evil Gallery, LondonSolo
2013Sheffield International mural festival TasmaniaGroup
2013Shannon CreesDangerfork Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2013Shannon CreesKaleidoscope Gallery, SydneyGroup
2013Shannon CreesFix 8 Gallery, SydneyGroup
201310 year anniversaryBlank Space Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012Art LabGlobal Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012Rinse and RepeatAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012GlasshouseAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012OPENAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012VNA magazine launch muralOxford Art Factory, SydneyGroup
2012Look hear FestivalSecret Walls, NewcastleGroup
2012Great WallManly Art Gallery, SydneyGroup
2012Salon des RefusesS.H.Ervin Gallery, SydneyGroup
2011Art and AboutSydneySolo
2011Outpost Art FestivalCockatoo Island, SydneyGroup
2011Live Painting BattleOxford Art Factory, SydneyGroup
2011Live Painting BattleOutpost Festival, SydneyGroup
2011Shannon CreesThe national Grid Gallery, SydneyGroup
2011Shannon CreesAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2011Shannon CreesRtist Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2011Shannon CreesPure Evil Gallery, LondonGroup
2011Art Melbourne FairMelbourneGroup
2011Shannon CreesArt Focus Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesUrban Uprising Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Art Sydney FairSydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesNational Grid Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesGlobal Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Instillation for Sydney Fashion WeekMCA, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesManyoung Gallery, MelbourneGroup
2010Shannon CreesThe national Grid Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Shannon CreesAmbush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2010Art Melbourne FairMelbourneGroup
2009Project 5Ambush Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009Shannon CreesPure Evil Gallery, LondonGroup
2009Shannon CreesStairwell Gallery, SydneySolo
2009The Apprentice channel 9Charles Hewitt Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009Shannon CreesUrban Uprising Gallery, SydneySolo
2009Shannon CreesFix 8 Gallery, SydneySolo
2009Art Sydney FairSydneyGroup
2009Shannon CreesThe national Grid Gallery, SydneyGroup
2009Art Melbourne FairMelbourneGroup
2008VergeArt House Hotel, SydneySolo
2008Shannon CreesFix 8 Gallery, SydneySolo
2008Shannon CreesArt Complex Gallery, TokyoGroup
2008Shannon CreesThe Collective, BrisbaneGroup
2008Shannon CreesNational Grid Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Shannon CreesUrban Uprising Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Shannon CreesArtist's Space Gallery, New YorkGroup
2008Shannon CreesOpus Gallery, LondonGroup
2008Banksy's Cans Festival 2LondonGroup
2008Shannon CreesThe Foundary, LondonGroup
2008MuralPure Evil Gallery, LondonGroup
2008Live Painting ShowBar Music Hall, LondonGroup
2008Archibald Submission ShowTap Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Shannon CreesGlobal Gallery, SydneyGroup
2008Shannon CreesAngel Art Cafe, SydneyGroup
2008Artists' for PeaceSydneyGroup
2008Shannon CreesThe national Grid Gallery, SydneySolo
2008Shannon CreesAngel Art Cafe, SydneySolo
2008Shannon CreesTap Gallery, SydneyGroup
2007Art Sydney FairSydneyGroup
2007Shannon CreesArt Focus Gallery, SydneyGroup
2006Shannon CreesArts Connect Gallery, SydneySolo
2006Shannon CreesBlank Space Gallery, SydneySolo
2006Mosman Art PrizeSydneyGroup
2006Shannon CreesPropeller, SydneyGroup
2005Art Sydney FairSydneyGroup
2005Shannon CreesThe Grand Pacific Blue Room, SydneySolo
2005Shannon Crees464 Bourke St, SydneySolo
2005Shannon CreesSpace Junk, SydneySolo
2004Shannon Crees464 Bourke St, SydneySolo
2004Shannon CreesSpace Junk, SydneySolo
2003Shannon CreesSpace Junk, SydneyGroup
1997Warringah Art PrizeSydneyGroup