Wolfson Jordan

Jordan Wolfson
Wolfson Jordan
Jordan Wolfson
United States
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  • Wolfson's Portrait

Wolfson Jordan Exhibitions

Jacqueline Clyde

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Jordan WolfsonRothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivSolo
2015A Feast of PlanesThe College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VAnGroup
2015Small WorksGallery 1261, Denver, COGroup
2015Observing Observing (a white cup)Prographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WAnGroup
2015The Object of ObjectsGallery 1261, Denver, COGroup
2015Diaspora of BeingBethlehem Gallery, PalestinenGroup
2015Identity, Place and MemoryBogota Arte Contemporaneo Gallery, Bogota, EcuadornGroup
2014Jordan WolfsonPrographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WA Group
2014I-5 ConnectsKoplin Del Rio, Los AngelesGroup
2014Colors of GrayPrographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WAnGroup
2013Jordan WolfsonJ.Cacciola Gallery, New York Group
2013Jordan WolfsonnRothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivSolo
2012The Space Between ThingsPrographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WAGroup
2012The Human Figure and Parts ThereofPrographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WAnGroup
2011Jordan WolfsonRothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivSolo
2011Small WorksPrographica/Fine Works, Seattle, WAnGroup
2011Pathways to LandscapeRidgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield, CTGroup
2010Connections: Threads of InfluenceCapitol Building, Denver, COGroup
2010Jordan WolfsonGallery Collection, Rothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivnGroup
2010Looks Good on PaperDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2009Jordan WolfsonVan Straaten Gallery, DenverSolo
2009Jordan WolfsonRothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivSolo
2009Reconfigured and RelocatedDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2009The Unbelievable is Right HereRothschild Fine Art, Tel AvivGroup
2008Jordan WolfsonDFN Gallery, New YorkSolo
2008New WorkDFN Gallery, New YorknGroup
2008Jordan WolfsonGrenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, New YorkGroup
2007Works on PaperDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2007Jordan WolfsonHidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, NCGroup
2006Jordan WolfsonSeraphin Gallery, PhiladelphiaSolo
2005Jordan WolfsonDFN Gallery, New YorknSolo
2005WoodsDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2005Out of LineSeraphin Gallery, PhiladelphianGroup
2004NYCDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2004Masters and Mavericks – NudesSeraphin Gallery, PhiladelphianGroup
2004Interior PaintingsDFN Gallery, New YorkGroup
2003Jordan WolfsonDrue Chryst Gallery, Sparta NJnSolo
2003Ballinglen: The Artist in Rural IrelandMayo County Center, CastlebarGroup
2002Jordan WolfsonSara Kishon Gallery, Tel AvivSolo
2002Common ThreadsArtspace Gallery, JerusalemnGroup
2001Jordan WolfsonArtspace Gallery, JerusalemSolo
2001Traces – Contemporary Drawing in IsraelArtist’s House, JerusalemnGroup
2000Jordan WolfsonArtspace Gallery, JerusalemSolo
1999Jordan WolfsonUniversity of Haifa Art Gallery, HaifanSolo
1999Art and Realities in JerusalemArtist’s House, JerusalemGroup
1998Jordan WolfsonArtspace Gallery, JerusalemnSolo
1998Jordan WolfsonIce Gallery, New YorknGroup
1996Jordan WolfsonArtspace Gallery, JerusalemnSolo
1996Virtual RealityTel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel AvivGroup
1995Jordan WolfsonArtspace Gallery, JerusalemnSolo