Bigger Than Ever! Here's Why We Shouldn't Miss the 2017 Moniker Art Fair

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

Moniker Art Fair Director Tina Ziegler talks to us about the novelties in the 2017 edition of one of the most important events dedicated to urban art.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Behind the Scenes of Ch.ACO - Three Curators Reveal the 2017 Highlights!

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

Ch.ACO is an important event in the panorama of Latin American art fairs. We talk to three curators about what is cooking in the ninth edition of the fair. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Famous Artists and Their Cats - A Feline Inspiration

Widewalls Editorial

We talk to Alison Nastasi, author of Artists and Their Cats book, about why felines are such an inspiration to so many artists we love and admire.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Best of the Worst - Talking Transitions with Hanksy

Graffiti & Street ArtWidewalls Editorial

Julia JM talks to controversial artist Hanksy about his versatile practice, exciting ongoing projects and the famous Trump mural painted in New York City.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Talking to Sven Eisenhut of Photo Basel 2017

Art Fairs 2017, PhotographyAngie Kordic

In an interview for Widewalls, Photo Basel director Sven Eisenhut talks about this year's edition, the program highlights and exciting future plans!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What will the Upcoming Graffiti and Street Art Sale at Galartis Bring?

Art Market, Graffiti & Street ArtAngie Kordic

The upcoming Graffiti and Street Art auction at Galartis Lausanne brings a total of 189 artworks for lovers and collectors of this exciting art movement.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The European Cultural Centre - The Gem of the Continent in Venice

Angie Kordic

How does The European Cultural Centre in Venice contribute to the global creative exchange? Of this and more, we talk to its President Rene Rietmeyer.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Announcing The Millerntor Gallery #7 - In Conversation with Anna Lafrentz

Angie Kordic

The Millerntor Gallery #7 takes place this Midsummer at FC Sankt Pauli stadium in Hamburg under the theme YOUTOPIC, bringing clean water to those in need... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Presenting New International Positions - Brian Fee from Volta Basel in an Interview

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

In an exclusive Widewalls interview, Brian Fee from VOLTA Basel discusses the concept and highlights of the upcoming edition of the fair, and much more. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Camera Press at 70 - A Life of Celebrities in Pictures

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyAngie Kordic

Photo agency Camera Press celebrates 70th anniversary with an extraordinary exhibition of the most iconic shots of familiar faces. Which are your favorite?... Read Morereadmore-arrow


The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology

New MediaWidewalls Editorial

Both art and technology challenge our perceptions. The fusion of the virtual and the real is the main concern for the search for the new we speak about today... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Authorship in Art - The Victim of Appropriation

Sanja Lazic

What makes the art of an artist really his/hers? Nowadays seems like everything has already been invented. There are no original, new inventions because even the smallest part of the product is made out of something already existing. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Expressiveness of Form - Formalism in Art

Art HistoryWidewalls Editorial

How does formalism in art pose another important question - what is art at all? What does it take to comprehend a work of the arts?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is a Cinemagraph ?

Digital ArtVera Mevorah

This new form of digital art could be the next huge trend in social media. Cinemagraph brings us the joined world of video and art photography. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Incredible Life and Collection of Peggy Guggenheim

Art HistoryVera Mevorah

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the greatest art collections in the world, created by a woman who lived the avant-garde.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Degenerate Art - Modern Artworks Dismissed by the Nazi as 'Filth'

Art HistorySmirna K

Explore Degenerate art and how the Nazi regime banned and labeled important modern artists, considering their works to be sick and contagious to society.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Stendhal Syndrome - When Art is Overwhelming

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Stendhal Syndrome belongs to a group of psychosomatic disorders triggered by a group of artworks, which are considered overpoweringly beautiful.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Artists over 50 Dominate The Turner Prize 2017 Shortlist!

Art NewsElena Martinique

The list of nominated artists for the Turner Prize 2017 clearly reflects the progression that takes into account the older generation of artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Rise of Video Game Art

Digital Art, New MediaVera Mevorah

Video game art is interactive computer arts form which utilizes game design to develop artworks you don't hang on your wall, but play on your devices.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The History of Typography and its Journey Through Art

Art HistorySmirna K

Follow the story of typography, focusing on its development during the 20th century and the contemporary innovations within this art form.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Which Way, That Way - American Abstract Artists at First Amendment Gallery

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

The First Amendment Gallery is hosting a group exhibition that brings together local and internationally recognized abstract artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Jorg Doring's New Provocative Works Arrive in Galerie Hegemann

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

Jorg Doring will present his latest body of work at Galerie Hegemann, reaffirming his position as the master of style fusion and technical innovations.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Innerfields and Martin Bender Celebrated in Cologne at 30works Galleries

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

30works Gallery in Cologne will celebrate the work by the street artist Martin Bender and the artist collective Innerfields in two separate exhibitions.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's Famous Maquettes Get a Historical Survey at Hirshhorn Museum

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

The elaborate artworks by Russian artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov come to Washington D.C.'s Hirshhorn Museum nearly three decades after their US debut!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Sarah Charlesworth's Influential Photography Honored at LACMA

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

LACMA will host the first full-scale museum exhibition by Sarah Charlesworth in Los Angeles, featuring over 70 of her iconic photographs.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Beazley Designs of the Year Nominees are Announced, More Diverse than Ever

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

London's Design Museum has announced nominees for the Beazley Designs of the Year, strongly reflecting the political turmoil in the past 12 months.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

An Outdoor Photography Exhibition Celebrates the Night in Johannesburg

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyElena Martinique

ROADHOUSE will honor the iconic Johannesburg venue Doll House with an exhibition of photographs accompanied by great music and food. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

AIDS, Art and Activism Collide in a Superb Show at ClampArt

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

The latest exhibition at ClampArt will explore the myriad of artistic responses to the AIDS epidemics, bringing art closer to politics and life.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Pace Gallery Seoul Delivers Tara Donovan's First Solo Exhibition in Asia

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

Pace Seoul will survey works by Tara Donovan created in the past two decades, including her latest body of work exploring the idea of stratification.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Curious Relationship Between Graphic Design and Health

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

The latest exhibition at Wellcome Collection will explore all the different ways in which graphic design can enhance our health or even save our lives.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


The ibug Urban Art Festival Brings Over 100 Artists to Chemnitz!

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street ArtElena Martinique

Welcoming artists from all around the world, ibug 2017 will transform the brownfield in Chemnitz, Germany into a synthesis of arts, music, and culture.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The 15th Istanbul Biennial Invites you to be A Good Neighbour

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

Artistic duo Elmgreen and Dragset curate the 15th Istanbul Biennale in Turkey, focusing on the themes of neighborhood and home across six venues.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Top 5 Original Books of the Summer by Le Grand Jeu

Top ListsWidewalls Editorial

If you are an art aficionado, these 5 books should definitely find their place on your shelf, as recommended by Parisian online book store Le Grand Jeu!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

When Bizarre Celebrity Diets Become Caravaggio-Like Photographic Still Lifes

PhotographyWidewalls Editorial

Photographer Dan Bannino illustrates strange celebrity eating habits in a series inspired by the Old Masters paintings, in a project titled Still Diets.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Introducing ZONE1 at viennacontemporary 2017 - A Talk with Curator Marlies Wirth

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

In an exclusive Widewalls interview, Marlies Wirth from viennacontemporary talks about the third edition of the fair and special presentations in ZONE1.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Contemporary Istanbul 2017 - Bringing International Focus to the City's Dynamic Art Scene

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

Contemporary Istanbul 2017 will bring together leading contemporary galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey and around the world.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Why New Hive is Democratizing Post-Internet Art

Digital ArtWidewalls Editorial

Will New Hive sustain itself as the free social and multimedia platform in a fast-developing, technological world such as ours as we speak?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

How 21 Show at Shepard Fairey's SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS Celebrated Past in the Present

Art Exhibitions, ReviewWidewalls Editorial

Dan Rauch visited the marvelous group show in Los Angeles, celebrating 21 years of Subliminal Projects under the guidance of one Shepard Fairey!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Unseen Amsterdam 2017 Brings Together The Most Groundbreaking Artists

Art Fairs 2017, PhotographyElena Martinique

Coming back for its sixth edition, Unseen Amsterdam will bring emerging talents to the forefront and explore new developments in the field of photography.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The 17th Edition of Nuart Festival Returns to Explore Power

Graffiti & Street ArtElena Martinique

Bringing artists, activists and academics, Nuart Festival 2017 will emphasize the role of Street Art in stimulating debate and change in modern society.... Read Morereadmore-arrow