Best of the Worst - Talking Transitions with Hanksy

Graffiti & Street ArtWidewalls Editorial

Julia JM talks to controversial artist Hanksy about his versatile practice, exciting ongoing projects and the famous Trump mural painted in New York City.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Talking to Sven Eisenhut of Photo Basel 2017

Art Fairs 2017, PhotographyAngie Kordic

In an interview for Widewalls, Photo Basel director Sven Eisenhut talks about this year's edition, the program highlights and exciting future plans!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What will the Upcoming Graffiti and Street Art Sale at Galartis Bring?

Art Market, Graffiti & Street ArtAngie Kordic

The upcoming Graffiti and Street Art auction at Galartis Lausanne brings a total of 189 artworks for lovers and collectors of this exciting art movement.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The European Cultural Centre - The Gem of the Continent in Venice

Angie Kordic

How does The European Cultural Centre in Venice contribute to the global creative exchange? Of this and more, we talk to its President Rene Rietmeyer.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Announcing The Millerntor Gallery #7 - In Conversation with Anna Lafrentz

Angie Kordic

The Millerntor Gallery #7 takes place this Midsummer at FC Sankt Pauli stadium in Hamburg under the theme YOUTOPIC, bringing clean water to those in need... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Presenting New International Positions - Brian Fee from Volta Basel in an Interview

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

In an exclusive Widewalls interview, Brian Fee from VOLTA Basel discusses the concept and highlights of the upcoming edition of the fair, and much more. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Camera Press at 70 - A Life of Celebrities in Pictures

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyAngie Kordic

Photo agency Camera Press celebrates 70th anniversary with an extraordinary exhibition of the most iconic shots of familiar faces. Which are your favorite?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Meeting Turkey's Biggest Art Collectors - Can and Sevda Elgiz of The Elgiz Museum

Elena Martinique

We had a chat with Can and Sevda Elgiz to find out more about their art collection, the Elgiz Museum, about art collecting, and much more. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Making Intricate Art with Sand and Gold - Tim Bengel in an Interview

Elena Martinique

Check out the exclusive Tim Bengel interview where he discusses his upcoming exhibition, his unique method, inspiration and influence, and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

UK's Urban Art Gem - Reem Gallery's Zaid Alexander Badda in an Interview

Angie Kordic

Zaid Alexander Badda of UK's Reem Gallery talks to Widewalls about his incredible experience as an art enthusiast and the new talents he constantly finds.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


The Expressiveness of Form - Formalism in Art

Art HistoryWidewalls Editorial

How does formalism in art pose another important question - what is art at all? What does it take to comprehend a work of the arts?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is a Cinemagraph ?

Digital ArtVera Mevorah

This new form of digital art could be the next huge trend in social media. Cinemagraph brings us the joined world of video and art photography. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Incredible Life and Collection of Peggy Guggenheim

Art HistoryVera Mevorah

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the greatest art collections in the world, created by a woman who lived the avant-garde.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Degenerate Art - Modern Artworks Dismissed by the Nazi as 'Filth'

Art HistorySmirna K

Explore Degenerate art and how the Nazi regime banned and labeled important modern artists, considering their works to be sick and contagious to society.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Stendhal Syndrome - When Art is Overwhelming

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Stendhal Syndrome belongs to a group of psychosomatic disorders triggered by a group of artworks, which are considered overpoweringly beautiful.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Artists over 50 Dominate The Turner Prize 2017 Shortlist!

Art NewsElena Martinique

The list of nominated artists for the Turner Prize 2017 clearly reflects the progression that takes into account the older generation of artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Rise of Video Game Art

Digital Art, New MediaVera Mevorah

Video game art is interactive computer arts form which utilizes game design to develop artworks you don't hang on your wall, but play on your devices.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The History of Typography and its Journey Through Art

Art HistorySmirna K

Follow the story of typography, focusing on its development during the 20th century and the contemporary innovations within this art form.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Great Hokusai - Why do We Still Obsess over that Japanese Wave Painting ?

Art HistorySmirna K

Explore the reasons behind the popularity of the famous Japanese wave painting by Hokusai, and its influence on modern and contemporary art.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Inside the Rare and Erotic Salvador Dali Cookbook

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Salvador Dali Cookbook is a gastronomic and artistic work that is enticing and revolting on both intellectual and corporeal level at the same time. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Haunting Photographs of Refugees by Felix Kleymann at 44309

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

In his latest body of work, the photographer Felix Kleymann brings forth the plight and trauma of the people escaping destruction and death.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Jonathan LeVine Projects Presents Jeremy Fish and a Multiples Group Show

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

Jonathan Levin Projects will present two concurring exhibitions - a solo show by Jeremy Fish and a group show featuring fourteen international artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

FAILE Celebrate Detroit at Library Street Collective!

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

Brooklyn-based artist duo FAILE honor Detroit's cultural flourishing with their first ever exhibition there hosted by the Library Street Collective!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Will Martyr's Hyperrealistic Wanderlust at UNIT London

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

London-based artist Will Martyr takes over UNIT London with a major UK solo showcase of his latest airbrushed, hyper-realistic paintings of interiors.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

New Art at Haven Gallery Before Summer Break

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

Annie Stegg Gerard art evokes sentiments of curiosity, inviting the viewers to join her subjects in their amazing adventures. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Urban Sculptures and Objects Await Collectors at Pretty Portal

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

To celebrate urban sculpture, Pretty Portal is bringing together ten internationally acclaimed artists who employ a variety of materials in their practice.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Showcases Exemplary Depression-Era Photography

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

The first Depression-era exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will highlight the themes of adversity and resilience in times of hardship.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

At Galerie Perrotin, Nine Artists Evoke Fond Illusions

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

Galerie Perrotin will present creatives over unconventional materials that bridge the fundamental qualities of 2D and 3D artworks.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Best of German and International Street Art in Focus at 30works!

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

In their upcoming exhibition, the gallery 30works Gallery will be showing the most prominent names of German and international Street Art scene.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Spectacle and Transcendence in Contemporary Art by Women at NMWA

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

The National Museum of Women in the Arts begins celebrating its 30th anniversary with a comprehensive exhibition of 16 contemporary female artists!... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Urban Art Fair to Debut in New York this Summer!

Art Fairs 2017, Graffiti & Street Art, Urban Art Fair 2017Angie Kordic

The first edition of Urban Art Fair moves to New York to showcase over 20 internationally renowned street art galleries and a rich accompanying program.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art Santa Fe 2017 - A Gathering of Exceptional International Artists And Galleries

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

Celebrating the 17th anniversary, Art Santa Fe will present some extraordinary art, specially curated programming, special events, and entertainment.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Street Update #158

Street updateAngie Kordic

Take a look at the most beautiful murals painted around the world during the month of May by your favorite urban artists like Banksy and DFace.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Your Favorite Contemporary Artists This May!

Most Popular Artists, Top ListsAngie Kordic

Did Banksy end up at the top of your list of the most popular contemporary artists today? Did you other favorites make it? Your answers lie here!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art Galleries You Loved in May!

Top ListsElena Martinique

Behold the most popular urban and contemporary art galleries from the month of May, and be sure to check out what's on view. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Masters of Illustration Whose Work We Admire

Top ListsElena Martinique

From the remarkable history of illustration, we give you its most gifted artists, those who have changed its course and contributed to its versatility. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

SCOPE Art Show Basel 2017 Returns with Contemporary Art for its 11th Edition

Art Fairs 2017Eli Anapur

SCOPE Art Basel returns to the city of Basel for its 11th edition, with an impressive number of exhibitors, and with the best of contemporary art. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Atelier Hans Hansen. The Soul of Things

Art Exhibitions, Photography, ReviewManuela Pacella

At Camera Austria, photographer Hans Hansen shows a different side of ordinary things through the concept of an artist atelier and an autodidactic approach... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Photo Basel 2017 - The First and Only International Photography Fair in Switzerland

Art Fairs 2017, PhotographyEli Anapur

Photo Basel is the first and only international art fair dedicated to photography in Switzerland, showcasing contemporary and classic examples.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art in the Zones of Geopolitical Conflicts

The Chronicle of the Russian Activist Art - Tatiana Volkova`s ColumnTatiana Volkova

When Crimea was annexed by The Russian Federation in 2014, many artists reacted. In her latest column, Tatiana Volkova examines their works.... Read Morereadmore-arrow