Master of Post Neo Cubism - Belin in an Interview


We talked to talented Spanish artist Miguel Angel Belinchon aka Belin, a master of hyperrealistic graffiti portraiture and a style titled Post Neo Cubism.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Just the Beginning - An Interview with Tokyo Art Fair Directors

Art Fairs 2017Eli Anapur

We caught up recently with the Tokyo Art Fair 2017 directors, Joelle Dinnage and Natal Vallve, who revealed to us what’s in store for 2017 edition.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Multiple Realities of Hito Steyerl Films

Matteo Mottin

On the occasion of her participation in COLORI exhibition in Turin, Hito Steyerl talks about her versatile video art practice and how it is relevant today.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Exploring the Influence of Money through Art - RYR in an Interview

Eli Anapur

RYR talked with us about his beginnings, the significance of money in his art, different symbols and texts he uses, and also about his future plans.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Revisiting the Berlin Wall Art - An Interview with its Photographer Edward Murray

Graffiti & Street Art, PhotographyEli Anapur

We talked with Edward Murray, a photographer who made a photo documentation of the Berlin Wall art, and who is bringing it into the digital sphere. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Investing in What You Love - Gary Grauzam of We Art Partners in an Interview

Art Market, Collectors TipAngie Kordic

Gary Grauzam of We Art Partners talks about his successful company, the way they manage private and corporate collections, and advises young collectors.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Seeking Joy, Meaning and Fulfillment - An Interview With Charmaine Olivia

Amy Lin

Talented American artist Charmaine Olivia explains the inspiration and artistic process that lays behind her beautiful and otherworldly female portraits, ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

A Hong Kong Hub for Urban Art - A Chat with Avenue des Arts Founder Dimitri Lorin

Angie Kordic

In our talk with Dimitri Lorin, we learn about his gallery Avenue des Arts, the state of the urban art market in Hong Kong and a new space opening soon.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

If Wishes Were Horses and Horses Were Wishes - An Interview with Camille Henrot

Sabrina Möller

On the occasion of her exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien, Camille Henrot talks about art's relationship with life, politics, culture and our own selves.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What You Bid Is What You Pay - Talking to ARTIANA Online Auction House’s Lavesh Jagasia

Art Market, Collectors TipAngie Kordic

We talk to Lavesh Jagasia, founder of ARTIANA online auction house, about their very successful sale recently, and the state of the art market today.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


What is a Cinemagraph ?

Digital ArtVera Mevorah

This new form of digital art could be the next huge trend in social media. Cinemagraph brings us the joined world of video and art photography. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Incredible Life and Collection of Peggy Guggenheim

Art HistoryVera Mevorah

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the greatest art collections in the world, created by a woman who lived the avant-garde.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Degenerate Art - Modern Artworks Dismissed by the Nazi as 'Filth'

Art HistorySmirna K

Explore Degenerate art and how the Nazi regime banned and labeled important modern artists, considering their works to be sick and contagious to society.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Stendhal Syndrome - When Art is Overwhelming

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Stendhal Syndrome belongs to a group of psychosomatic disorders triggered by a group of artworks, which are considered overpoweringly beautiful.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Artists over 50 Dominate The Turner Prize 2017 Shortlist!

Art NewsElena Martinique

The list of nominated artists for the Turner Prize 2017 clearly reflects the progression that takes into account the older generation of artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Rise of Video Game Art

Digital Art, New MediaVera Mevorah

Video game art is interactive computer arts form which utilizes game design to develop artworks you don't hang on your wall, but play on your devices.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The History of Typography and its Journey Through Art

Art HistorySmirna K

Follow the story of typography, focusing on its development during the 20th century and the contemporary innovations within this art form.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Great Hokusai - Why do We Still Obsess over that Japanese Wave Painting ?

Art HistorySmirna K

Explore the reasons behind the popularity of the famous Japanese wave painting by Hokusai, and its influence on modern and contemporary art.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Inside the Rare and Erotic Salvador Dali Cookbook

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Salvador Dali Cookbook is a gastronomic and artistic work that is enticing and revolting on both intellectual and corporeal level at the same time. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Where Does the New Turner Prize Rule leave us with Ageism in Art ?

Art NewsEli Anapur

Turner prize announced that artists over 50 years of age will be eligible for competition, raising the question – is there really ageism in art world?... Read Morereadmore-arrow


A Landmark Exhibition of Richard Deacon Sculptures at Middelheim Museum

Art ExhibitionsNeene Mythos

Explore Richard Deacon sculptures with a pleasant feeling of workshops and make connection between laminated wood, stainless steel, marble and leather.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Incense, Sweaters and Ice - Martine Syms Art Comes to MoMA

Art ExhibitionsSmirna K

A solo show of Martine Syms art is coming to MoMA in order to explore the legacies of the Great Migration through a new feature film and installation!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Terry St. John Art Gets a Retrospective at Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Art ExhibitionsNeene Mythos

The spectacular Terry St. John art arrives at Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, to celebrate the artist's unique practice and timeless artworks.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Devotional Document of Wu Tsang Art at Nottingham Contemporary

Art ExhibitionsNeene Mythos

A special live screening event and a new performance of Wu Tsang art at Nottingham Contemporary show something new with a touch of magical realism.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Here are All the Highlights of the New York Auction Giga-Week 2017

Art Market, Art NewsAngie Kordic

At the 2017 Spring Auction Week in New York, the art market dons a new record for Jean-Michel Basquiat and passes the test of the turbulent year.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Arno Nollen Photography for the First Time in France with Green Flowers Art

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyElena Martinique

The latest Arno Nolle photography exhibition will demonstrate his narrative approach, constructing an evocative storyline and immersing the viewer in.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

ICP Celebrates 70 Years of Magnum Photos with a Remarkable Show!

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyEli Anapur

The International Center of Photography (ICP) prepared an exhibition of Magnum photos, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the collective.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Woodward Gallery to Host A Debut NYC Exhibition of Val Kilmer Art !

Art ExhibitionsSmirna K

Woodward gallery is soon going to present the debut solo show of Val Kilmer art making his interesting artistic transition visible in New York as well!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

New Art and Sculpture by Andrew Schoultz and Mark Jenkins at Fabien Castanier Gallery

Art ExhibitionsEli Anapur

Andrew Schoultz and Mark Jenkins art is brought together for the occasion of the Rubber Time exhibition opening this May at Fabien Castanier Gallery.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Venice Biennale Artists in Focus at the Latest Paddle8 Auction!

Art Market, Art NewsEli Anapur

Venice Biennale artists are in focus of the Post-War and Contemporary Art auction at Paddle8, as an homage to the exhibition’s spirit and relevance. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Liste Basel 2017 - The World’s Longest Running Discoverer Fair

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

One of the most important art fairs for the new generation of galleries and artists, LISTE Basel returns for the 22nd strong edition.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Takeshi Murata's Infinite Doors at Empty Gallery, Hong Kong

Art Exhibitions, ReviewAbby McKenzie

Takeshi Murata's Infinite Doors show at Empty Gallery is a survey of his practice, from his early psychedelic animations through to his latest CG films.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Who Came First - The Artist or the Spray Can?

Graffiti & Street ArtWidewalls Editorial

At a time when graffiti, urban and street art are having a moment, we go back in time to ask: did the spray can influence the artist - or vice versa?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Most Sensual Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers on Canvas

Top ListsWidewalls Editorial

The link between Georgia O’Keeffe flowers and vagina is unavoidable, but the beauty and aesthetic perfection of these works attract more attention today. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

China's Artistic Stance against the Rising Tide of Anti-Global Sentiment

Art Exhibitions, ReviewAbby McKenzie

The Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art hosts The New Normal, another in an ongoing series of group shows surveying China’s current artistic output.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Volta Basel 2017 - The Art Fair for New International Positions

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

Dubbed as the Lucky 13 edition, VOLTA Basel returns to the city with a well-curated selection of renowned galleries from all over the world.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Mauvaises Herbes - Three Female Artists at Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong

Art Exhibitions, ReviewAbby McKenzie

The Mauvaises Herbes exhibition of art by Sarah Crowner, Caitlin Keogh and Paulina Olowska at Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong explores nature and femininity... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art Safari Bucharest 2017 - Eastern Europe's Leading Fair Returns

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

Romania’s largest art event and Eastern Europe’s leading fair, Art Safari Bucharest is coming back for the fourth strong edition. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

An Artist at the Edge of Independence - Malick Sidibe at Red Hook Labs

Art Exhibitions, Photography, ReviewZachary Small

Malick Sidibe's photographs at Red Hook Labs stand as symbols of Mali's undergoing rapid change, but also rock-and-roll’s major cultural influence on it.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Visiting the 57th Biennale di Venezia

ReviewDaniel Lippitsch

At the Venice Biennale 2017, the national pavilions and the central Viva Arte Viva exhibition reveal a thing or two on the state of contemporary art today.... Read Morereadmore-arrow