Inside the Miniature World of Drew Leshko at Urvanity 2017

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Angie Kordic

Widewalls goes behind the scene of the incredibly detailed miniature sculptures of artist Drew Leshko at the Urvanity fair in Madrid. Listen to our podcast... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Taking the Art of Stencil To a New Level - Amanda Marie in an Interview

Art Fairs 2017, Graffiti & Street Art, Urvanity 2017Elena Martinique

We had a chat with the American stencil artist Amanda Marie at the Urvanity Art Fair. She talks about her style, new works and future plans and projects.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Supporting Emerging Contemporary Work - A Talk with SCOPE's Alexis Hubshman

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

In an exclusive interview, SCOPE's President and Show Director Alexis Hubshman talks this year's New York edition and announces the one in Basel.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Collecting Urban Art - A Conversation with Montana's Jordi Rubio

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Angie Kordic

Jordi Rubio of Montana Cans and Gallery in Barcelona shares the story behind the success of their platform and talks about collecting urban art today.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Magic of Cardboard Sculptures - Laurence Vallieres in an Interview

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Elena Martinique

We caught up with Laurence Vallières at Urvanity2017 where her work was presented as part of the Station 16 Gallery booth. Enjoy the podcast!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Cevdet Erek - Travelling into the Distant Past Through History

Widewalls Editorial

We talk to artist and musician Cevdet Erek, who is set to represent Turkey at the 57 Venice Biennale this year, about his versatile practice and projects.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Presenting the Second Curated Section - An Interview with VOLTA NY Curator Wendy Vogel

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

To find out more about the concept behind the second Curated Section at VOLTA NY 2017, we had a chat with a curator and writer Wendy Vogel. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Bringing the New Contemporary Art to Madrid - Urvanity Director Sergio Sancho in an Interview

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Angie Kordic

The Director of Urvanity urban art fair in Madrid, Sergio Sancho, talks about the exhibitors and program of the debut 2017 edition! Have a read!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Placing Art in Ad Places - An Interview with Vandalog's RJ Rushmore and Caroline Caldwell

Socially Engaged ArtEli Anapur

Art in Ad Places is a campaign by Caroline Caldwell and RJ Rushmore of the Vandalog blog which substitutes ads with art in public spaces of New York.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Ten Years of VOLTA NY - Celebrating the Anniversary Edition with Director Amanda Coulson

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

VOLTA NY Artistic Director Amanda Coulson shares the details behind the 10-year anniversary of famous New York fair. Take a look!... Read Morereadmore-arrow


MoMA's Response to Travel Ban - What Does It Tell Us about Cultural Industry?

Art NewsEli Anapur

MoMA responded to travel ban with the rehanging of art from the banned Muslim countries. But how effective and politically significant this gesture is?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is Yarn Bombing ?

Graffiti & Street ArtElena Martinique

Showing up on trees, lamp posts, monuments, benches, and other elements of everyday cityscape, yarn bombing is a relatively new counterpoint in street art.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Why The Raft of the Medusa is One of the Most Inspirational Works of Art

Art HistoryAndrey V.

Uncompromisingly brutal, honest and terrifying, Theodore Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa is one of the most inspirational and crucial paintings of the modern era... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Attempting to Define Intermural Art

Graffiti & Street ArtEli Anapur

What is Intermural Art and how is it defined? We examine the significance of this new term together within the historical tendency that underpins it.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Guggenheim's Gold Toilet - A Mockery or High Art?

New MediaElena Martinique

By installing an 18-karat solid gold toilet in the Guggenheim Museum, Maurizio Cattelan has officially emerged from his self-imposed retirement, in style.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Wildest Imaginary Creatures in Art

Art HistoryElena Martinique

Drawn from mythology and folklore, imaginary creatures, from part-human hybrids to entirely fantastic beasts, have always captured the attention of artists. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Importance of Impasto in Painting

Art HistorySilka P

What is impasto painting technique and why do artists adore the thick painting style? Explore the famous images and magic of impasto here ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is Art Critic and Collector Clement Greenberg Famous For?

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Clement Greenberg is hailed as one of the greatest art critics of the 20th century. But what did he do, and write, to become so famous?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Oversized Art - Is Bigger Really Better?

Art History, Conceptual Art, Land ArtNatalie P

Recently, we discussed the significance of scale when representing reality, and now we focus on oversized art only!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

All You Need to Know About Boccioni's Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

Art History, FuturismElena Martinique

The sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space created in 1913 by Umberto Boccioni is now regarded a masterpiece and an icon of the Italian Futurism.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Kandinsky Was My Roommate - A Group Show of Urban Artists at Artcan Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street ArtSilka P

Artcan Gallery gathers some of the most important names of graffiti art and reflects upon a question What if these artists shared a room with Kandinsky... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Art of Marco Mazzoni, Atsuko Goto and Alvaro Naddeo in an Exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery

Art ExhibitionsEli Anapur

Thinkspace Gallery prepared three exhibitions - Dear Collapse of Marco Mazzoni art, Silence of Idols of Atsuko Goto and Discarded of Alvaro Naddeo.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Urvanity Madrid 2017 in 69 Pictures

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Angie Kordic

Take a look at the most interesting artwork of the very successful first edition of the Urvanity fair in Madrid, held between February 23rd and 26th, 2017.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

David Bloch Gallery Presents the Exhibition of Sebastien Preschoux Art in Marrakech

Art ExhibitionsSilka P

The latest series of works on wood, as well as an installation in-situ at David Bloch Gallery mark the fourth solo exhibition of Sebastien Preschoux art.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Team VOLTA Presents their Favorite Picks of the Decade Edition

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

The team behind VOLTA NY art show reveals their favorite picks in celebration of the tenth edition. Who should we pay particular attention to in 2017?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Oversized World of Ron Mueck Sculptures Opens at MFA Houston

Art ExhibitionsSilka P

Explore the way Ron Mueck sculptures transform the ordinary into extraordinary while making us reflect upon life’s stages at MFA Houston ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Berlin-based Artists and Children from Kibera Showcase Art at me Collectors Room

Art ExhibitionsEli Anapur

The new exhibition Picha/Pictures staged at me Collectors Room in Berlin showcases art made by children from Nairobi and Berlin-based artists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Photographer Ren Hang Dies at 30 - But His Poetry of the Nude Lives On

Art News, PhotographyAngie Kordic

Chinese photographer Ren Hang, known for his softcore, dazzling photography featuring nude bodies in curious positions, dies at the age of 30 in Berlin.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

At Vertical Gallery, An Exhibition of Three Quite Unreliable Narrators

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

In the second exhibition organized this year, Vertical Gallery will welcome three international artists having multiple meanings behind their work.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Pemex and Klops Join Forces in an Exhibition at 1AM Gallery

Art Exhibitions, Graffiti & Street ArtSilka P

San Francisco's 1AM Gallery presents the joint exhibitions of Pemex and Klops, and invites you to Get with the Program... Read Morereadmore-arrow


What Sold at Urvanity 2017 ?

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Elena Martinique

In terms of sales, we could say that Urvanity is off to a great start, especially having in mind this is the very first edition of the fair.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art Dubai 2017 - The 11th Edition of the Leading Fair

Art Fairs 2017Eli Anapur

Global art world will gather for the 11th time in Dubai this March from 15-18th, for the occasion of one of the world’s leading art fairs - Art Dubai 2017.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Madrid Gets Five New Murals Thanks to Urvanity 2017!

Art Fairs 2017, Top Lists, Urvanity 2017Elena Martinique

L'Atlas, Pref, Ben Eine, James Woodside, Mesa and Mohammed Lghacham have created stunning murals in Madrid as part of the Urvanity festival.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

ARCO Madrid 2017 - What to See at in the 36th Edition

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

More than 200 international exhibitors will gather as part of the 2017 edition of ARCO Madrid, with a special focus on Argentina.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What to See at Urvanity? Top Booths at Madrid's First Urban Art Fair

Art Fairs 2017, Urvanity 2017Elena Martinique

Ahead of the first urban art fair in Spain, we present you the very best booths to see at the 2017 Urvanity in Madrid!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Alternative Painting Techniques Artists Love

Top ListsSilka P

These painting techniques have helped to redefine the face of art’s story and have helped to create the amazing arena which is present contemporary art ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

SCOPE Art Fair 2017 - What to See at New York's Ultimate Show

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

The 2017 SCOPE Art fair in New York welcomes more than 50 renowned galleries at the new location at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion this March.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

SPECTRUM Indian Wells 2017 - Coachella Valley's Finest

Art Fairs 2017Elena Martinique

A juried contemporary art show, Spectrum Indian Wells will welcome top galleries, art publishers and established studio artists in the Coachella Valley.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

10 Photographs of Love on Valentine's Day

Photography, Top ListsAngie Kordic

10 Photographs Celebrating Love on Valentines day! And, whether you are currently into it or not – love will be in the air and it will take you there ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Moving Image Art Fair 2017 - Returning to New York for Its 7th Edition

Art Fairs 2017, Video ArtElena Martinique

Moving Image art fair offers an art fair viewing experience while allowing for the appreciation of moving-image-based artworks on their own terms.... Read Morereadmore-arrow