Throwing a Tropical Punch in Vienna - A Talk with Sabrina Moller and Nathalie Halgand

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

Tropical Punch exhibition at Galerie Nathalie Halgand in Vienna brings protest art to a new level - using the aesthetic of fruit and plants to make a point... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Math Magazine Editor in Chief MacKenzie Peck Interview

Provoke! (NSFW)Elena Martinique

In an exclusive interview, Math Magazine Editor-in-Chief MacKenzie Peck talks about its inclusive concept, challenges in getting people aroused and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Magic Still Works! - Jef Aerosol in an Interview

Graffiti & Street ArtEli Anapur

Jef Aerosol reflects on the past, giving us a candid overview of his art and of influences that shaped it. As he states - the magic still works!... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art with an Attitude - Interview with Verso Gallery Director

Graffiti & Street ArtAmy Lin

Interview with Verso Gallery Director reveals the appeal and the cultural impact of socially and politically charged art pieces.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Blending Manga with Western Aesthetics - Camilla d'Errico in an Interview

Lowbrow (Art Movement)Elena Martinique

Camilla d’Errico interview provides insight into her latest body of work, Pop Surrealism, important aspects of storytelling, and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Staying Melty - Buff Monster in an Interview

Graffiti & Street ArtAngie Kordic

Legendary street artist Buff Monster talks his colorful gooey characters, his move to NYC and the vividness of his art in a new interview with Widewalls.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Promoting the Art of Contemporary Japan - Kumi Gallery Director in an Interview

Art Market, Pop ArtAmy Lin

Kumi Gallery Director in an exclusive interview talks about the desirability of art from contemporary Japan for the Western art market and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Reflecting the Subconscious - Ray Caesar in an Exclusive Interview

Lowbrow (Art Movement)Angie Kordic

In this Ray Caesar inteview, we delve into the mind of one of the most renowned digital artists and the members of the Lowbrow Pop Surrealism movement.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Being Conscious About the Environment - Exclusive Interview with Jaune

Graffiti & Street ArtAna Bambic Kostov

In a conversation that happened in November 2016, Jaune shares a story about his ideas and the little cleaning men he seeds around the cities. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Embodying the Rhythm and Movement - Mode2 in an Exclusive Interview

Graffiti & Street ArtElena Martinique

In an exclusive Mode 2 interview, the artist talks about his latest exhibition, the notions of rhythm and movement, his working process and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Understanding the Painterly Value in Art

Art HistorySilka P

The answers to how do we define the value in art and how does this element of art help to create a focus within a certain image await you here. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is the Purpose of Art Criticism Today?

Art HistoryElena Martinique

What is the purpose of art criticism? Art criticism has been an inevitable part of contemporary art dynamics, but some argue it has been going through a crisis. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Looking Forward to Venice Biennale 2017 - Inside the Biggest Art Exhibition in the World

Art NewsAngie Kordic

Venice Biennale 2017 takes place for the 57th time with a focus on artists, under the guidance of curator Christine Macel. What to see in the exhibition?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

How John Berger's Ways of Seeing Discovered the Way We See Art

Art HistoryEli Anapur

What we see, and can we see differently? – is a question that John Berger tried to answer in his seminal and widely influential work Ways of Seeing. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

What is Buyer's Premium in the Art Market ?

Art MarketEli Anapur

Reaching back to the Roman times, Buyer’s premium is a percentage of the hammer price that must be paid by the winning bidder at an auction. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Genesis of the Impressionist Landscape

Art HistorySilka P

We explore the innovations that the Impressionist landscape painting help to produce. How does its story reflect the birth of modern art?... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Abstract Portraits - Reconciling the Figurative and its Opposite

Abstract ArtSilka P

What is the particular aesthetic of abstract portraits and what are the key issues which float around such a production? The answers await you here. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Proportion in Art - Spelled Out

Art HistoryEli Anapur

Proportion in art is a principle that stands for the relation of parts or objects within a composition considering their size. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Sports Photography - History and Purpose

PhotographyAngie Kordic

Throughout history, sports photography captured the passion and emotion on fields, courts and arenas worldwide, turning athletic events into iconic ones.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Art is Often Magical. But, What Relationship do Magic and Art Have?

Art HistorySilka P

What is the connection between magic and art, and what images of the mankind’s history display the interest for the occult, and of the magic spells? ... Read Morereadmore-arrow


WXYZ and L'Outsider Street Art Exhibition at Galerie Celal

Art ExhibitionsEli Anapur

Starting this month at Galerie Celal is a street art exhibition that will showcase works by two French street artists WXYZ and L’Outsider.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Michael Page Art Exhibition is Coming to Corey Helford Gallery

Art ExhibitionsSilka P

A vibrant and colorful reminder, Michael Page art show at Corey Helford Gallery bears witness to the magic of childhood moments and the passing of time ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Corey Helford Presents Hikari Shimoda Art Show

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

The latest showcase of Hikari Shimoda art consists of new, haunting portraits by the talented Japanese artist, on view at Corey Helford Gallery in LA. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Max Kauffman Curates Group Exhibition at Stephanie Chefas Projects

Art ExhibitionsElena Martinique

Max Kauffman will be curating a group exhibition at Stephanie Chefas Project that features eleven artists that hail from the tradition of folk. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Haven Gallery Presents the Music Box II Exhibition

Art ExhibitionsSilka P

The second issue of the Music Box exhibition at the Haven Gallery exposes, once again, the fusion of visual art and music. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Vertical Gallery Presents a Hebru Brantley Art Exhibition this February

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

The latest series of Hebru Brantley art explores the relationship between Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the artist's recognizable Pop style.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Jai and Jai Gallery Presents a Kristin Bauer Art Show

Art ExhibitionsEli Anapur

This month at Jai & Jai Gallery in Los Angeles is marked with a solo exhibition of Kristen Bauer art in plexiglass, titled Semantics. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

WOMEN: New Portraits by Annie Leibovitz Exhibition is Coming to Zurich

Art Exhibitions, PhotographyElena Martinique

Annie Leibovitz exhibition brings portraits of women of outstanding achievements including artists, musicians, CEOs, politicians, writers and philanthropists.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Galerie Neuheisel Presents a Henri Deparade Exhibition

Art ExhibitionsAngie Kordic

Relive the most memorable myths and mythological figures in a brand new light through the new Henri Deparade exhibition of works at Galerie Neuheisel.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

RedD Public Relations Presents Ventures at OPEN WALLS Gallery Berlin

Art ExhibitionsAmy Lin

RedD Public Relations will present their innovative approach to organizing group shows at VENTURES exhibition at OPEN WALLS Gallery in Berlin.... Read Morereadmore-arrow


Movies About Painters You Need to See

Top ListsEli Anapur

Movies about painters entice us with their mise-en-scène, brilliant actors in leading roles, or simply with the action and excitement of their stories.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Ten Inspirational Picasso Sketches

Top ListsAmy Lin

Pablo Picasso sketches range in subject matter and style but retain the energy and elegance that prove that everything can be depicted with only few lines... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Fruit Paintings to Contemplate the Transience of Life

Top ListsElena Martinique

Bringing together Renaissance pieces and modern depictions, our selection of fruit paintings will make you contemplate the transience of life and much more.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

10 Best Museum Shops to Visit

Top ListsElena Martinique

We have created a list of museum shops that are truly special and striking places, creatively stocked and worth a visit in their own right. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Allure of Night Sky Painting - 10 Thought-Provoking Examples

Art History, Top ListsSilka P

Much more than documentation, the night sky painting displays the investigation into nature, light, and of the human spirit. See its magic here.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

10 Free Museums in Europe you have to Check out

Top ListsSilka P

Some of the best and the most authentic free Museums in Europe await you here. Learn more about them now... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Exploring the Gaze - Best Examples of Leonard Nimoy Photography

Photography, Top ListsElena Martinique

To mark two years since his passing, we have prepared a selection of the best Leonard Nimoy photography that accentuates his immense artistic talent.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

Guide to the Arts Spectacle in Los Angeles - The LA Art Show 2017

Art Fairs 2017Angie Kordic

The 22nd edition of The LA Art Show in 2017 will bring the most renowned institutions of Los Angeles and offer a series of exhibitions and discussions.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

New Museums to Open in 2017

Top ListsElena Martinique

We have created a selection of new museums opening in 2017 that can serve as a great excuse to travel around the world.... Read Morereadmore-arrow

The Most Spectacular Examples of Inflatable Art

Top ListsAmy Lin

These exceptional artists use air-filled objects to redefine the sculptural form and create inflatable art pieces that are bigger than life. ... Read Morereadmore-arrow