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Conference of the Birds No 40Conference of the Birds No 40 Artist : Yari OstovanyIDEELART, United Kingdom1,450 GBP (£)
Covers 13-RedCovers 13-Red Artist : Joanne FreemanIDEELART, United Kingdom1,000 GBP (£)
Constellation of GriefConstellation of Grief Artist : Anya SpielmanIDEELART, United Kingdom4,200 GBP (£)
Crossing 1Crossing 1 Artist : Tenesh WebberIDEELART, United Kingdom2,800 GBP (£)
CaterkillerCaterkiller Artist : Justus JagerThe Kalashnikovv Gallery, South Africa3,000 EUR (€)
Choice MomentChoice Moment Artist : Gary PallerIDEELART, United Kingdom900 GBP (£)
Cut SpaceCut Space Artist : Jessica SnowIDEELART, United Kingdom1,850 GBP (£)
Covers 24-Green BCovers 24-Green B Artist : Joanne FreemanIDEELART, United Kingdom1,600 GBP (£)
Colors Within a Witch Hazel Blossom 2Colors Within a Witch Hazel Blossom 2 Artist : Debra RamsayIDEELART, United Kingdom400 GBP (£)
Corruption of ManCorruption of Man Artist : Adam ZiskieSpoke Art Gallery, United States700 USD ($)
CleanserCleanser Artist : Sophie MilnerArusha Gallery, United Kingdom