6 Books Related to Richard Prince

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6 Books Related to Richard Prince
Including 'Richard Prince' by Nancy Spector (New York: the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, 2007); 'Richard Prince, Four Cowboys' with an essay by Gordon Burn (London: Murderme, 2009); '3rd Place, A children's colouring book' by Richard Prince, published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Richard Prince: Continuation (London: Serpentine Gallery in conjunction with Koeing Books, 2008); 'Richard Prince' (Koln: Jablonka Galerie, 1989); 'American Dream: Collecting Richard Prince for 27 Years' (Miami: Rubell Family Collection, 2004); and a signed copy of 'Lynn Valley, Richard Price) (North Vancouver: Presentation House Gallery and Bywater Bros., Editions, 2006). Together with four exhibition cards from Gagosian Gallery, 2008 and 2011.
From the collection of Bill Radawec (1952-2011)
$480 *