Aegyptisches Dorf

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Aegyptisches Dorf
30 x 46 cm
Watercolour on paper with spray technique
Signed 'Klee' in ink upper left
In Commission by the artist in 1929; In the galleries Rudolf Probst, Dresden and Mannheim, Alfred Flechtheim, Berlin and Dusseldorf; 1938. owned by Gallery Aktuaryus, Zurich, and sold in the auction of Coll. Dr. Heinrich Stinnes on 20 to 22 June 1938 at Gutekunst and Klipstein in Bern, cat. No. 540
Gallery new masters and art collection Nordrhein-Westfalen, Paul Klee, the trip to Egypt, 1928-1929, reproduced. full page in color p. 97, Dresden and Dusseldorf 2014/2015
Not sold