Carte de Mars par l'eau et le feu

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Carte de Mars par l'eau et le feu
69 x 49 cm
Mixed media on board on wood
Signed and dated 'Yves Klein 1961', and labeled and stamped 'Galleria Apollinaire', verso
Milan, Grube collection; Milan, Apollinaire Gallery (label and stamp on the reverse); Collection Antonio and Marina Porchino
Milan, Galleria Apollinaire, Yves Klein: the monochrome, the new color realism, 1961; Turin, Galleria Civica d 'Modern Art, Yves Klein, 2 to 31 December 1970; Turin, Galleries d' Art Martano, Yves Klein, 1981; Genazzano, Colonna Castle in Genazzano. Museums International for the 'Contemporary Art, Cross-roads. Intersections, 31 March to 24 June 2001
$1,100,600 *