Bai Presents: The Zac Brown Guitar Project | Artist: Mark Dean Veca

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Bai commissioned 5 emerging artists to express their authentic graphic style on a series of Taylor guitars designed exclusively for Zac Brown. These guitars were played live by Zac during his 2015 tour and are now being auctioned with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Zac’s charity, Camp Southern Ground—a camp created to help kids overcome academic, social and emotional difficulties so they may reach their full potential. LA-based Mark Dean Veca is an artist whose unique vision has earned him the reputation of being one of the most innovative and uncharacteristic artists working today. Growing up in the SF Bay Area before moving on to NYC and Los Angeles, at a young age Veca was exposed to heavy doses of television, underground comix, and psychedelic art (with heavy doses of Mad Magazine thrown in for good measure), leading directly to the fascination with oddball pop culture that would forever shape his creative output. Primarily working as a painter, Veca’s main mode of expression sees the myriad cast of pop culture characters, miscellaneous signage, and cultural symbols floating around in his head at any given moment passed through the artist’s creative filter and rendered in his unique biomorphic style in an effort to recontextualize and breathe new life into an array of otherwise innocuous icons of everyday American life.