Sickboy x WIDEWALLS present

  • Duration : 00:01:09
  • Views : 1036 Sickboy has teamed up with Widewalls and is proud to present his latest ingenuity. As tribute to 15 years of spraying far and wide around the globe, Widewalls and Sickboy have joined forces to create a unique collaborative series of limited edition sculptures 'Optical Delusions' that bring to life 3D images from Sickboy's instantly recognisable expansive visual street vocabulary and feature the likes of his celebrated red and yellow temple imprint, cheeky three-eyed hearts and Lovers tag. This limited edition series of light sculptures come in three different forms and in varied editions all showcasing the fresh orginality of his wall to work luminiosity. Over the last years Sickboy has experimented with art installations across the world at most renowned galleries and urban art festivals. For 'Mello Diorama' at Shooting gallery in San Francisco Sickboy created the model railway of death. At Nuart Festival in Stavanger he built a large psychedelic house. Now Sickboy has created three illuminated art installations as collectibles. Each piece is signed, numbered and extremely limited. /////////////////////////////////// ABOUT THE WORK: The Myth of a Temple Sickboy's has been painting this red and yellow icon since 1999. He chose the Mc. Donald's colors because they provoke a pleasant feeling. Inspired by architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona he decided to take the temple shape as representing the most beautiful form of architecture and paint it run-down areas. This tribute to architecture and urban life is celebrating its 15th anniversary with this light sculpture. The story of the Heart The heart is inspired by some of Sickboy's favorite artists Keith Haring and Robert Crumb. His continual morphing and referencing of late pop and surrealist masters brings meaning into a current context. The images find a new expression form in Sickboy's work. How they became Lovers Amongst the expanding visual tools of the artist, there exist words that are repeatedly used in Sickboy's imagery. The word Lovers is one the artist positive expression forms he uses most often. Lovers also references to Sickboy's love for soul and disco.