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Born and raised in London, The Dotmasters is the offspring of, a new-media based collective of art-pranksters. Active throughout the 1990’s, they bridged the gap between art and activism with attention snatching events that pulled no punches. Hitting the headlines worldwide in 1997 with Man in a box”they incarcerated and starved one of their members in a surveillance cube in a gallery in Brighton. Their work was eclectic, merging graffiti, new media and performance from the street, night clubs and galleries generating a steady stream of irreverent broadcasts…

Casa Son Vida Palma, Mallorca 2009


Saft Film

Saft Film

Saft Film is a full service film production company. Based in Norway and serving clients worldwide, Saft is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, artistic integrity and client service.

Mallorca Street Art Festival


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SnapLap is the most comprehensive source for motor sport fans and professionals. Includes a database and a magazine

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IdeelArt is a curated online gallery.