The Widewalls Collection is our private collection of contemporary urban art. It encompasses over 200 artworks by the world’s leading street artists. The art media is diverse, ranging from lithographs, prints, murals and canvas to sculptures, ceramics and objects. We don’t want to keep these works of contemporary art to ourselves, but share them with the public. Our goal is to present the largest urban art collection online. To fulfill our aspiration we are currently watching more than 300 artists that we would like to include in The Widewalls Collection. Part of being a publicly shared collection is being accessible. That is why want to buy, sell or trade art.

Artists and collectors out there, please find us if we haven’t found you. We are always looking for the unknown.


Widewalls GmbH

Bahnhofstrasse 20b
8272 Ermatingen


Tel.: +41 71 566 12 39

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