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10 Artsy Gifs You Have to Check Out!

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October 14, 2015
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

While most of us enjoy gifs on Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest, in forms of cats doing cute stuff or a scene from our favourite tv show, there are many artsy gifs out there as well, and people who literally make their money by making gifs. Yeah. For some people, dreams do come true. A while ago, I wrote about this phenomenon, and it turned out that, not only are there many talented artists whose artsy gifs are true artworks of design, but we also have an array of festivals and competitions dedicated to the most creative animated motion material. It is safe to say we live in an era of gifs, those alluring, eye-crossing, beautiful endless loops, and in this post, we will focus on those a bit more artistic than usual, because their creators were the finalists of the 2014 Saatchi Art’s Motion Photography Prize.

Scroll down to waste your time with some artsy animated motion gifs.

Marius Krivicius

artsy gifs gif tumblr post like 2015 privacy beauty
Marius Krivicius, a young Lithuanian visual artist, also does soundtracks, photography, as well as short and commercial films, and if we also tell you he was born in 1994, you’ll be in awe of his dreamy artsy gifs.

Nikola Silic

artsy gifs gif tumblr post like 2015 privacy beauty
Nikola Silic is a talented stand up comedian from Serbia, who also paints, does advertisements, photoshops and mocks politicians on his Instagram profile. He also does gifs, and one of our favourites is these barking graffiti.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

artsy gifs gif tumblr post like 2015 privacy beauty
An Italian living in London, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo studied something called Architectural 3D Visualization, and now he does fine art photography. His artsy gif featured here seems to be the perfect combination of the two things.

Simon McCheung

artsy gifs gif tumblr post like 2015 privacy beauty
Based in London, Simon McCheung appears such a dreamer, which could also be noticed from his animation. He is a photographer whose images seem to explore the notions of solitude, abandoned places and surreal scenarios.

Kitsune Kowai

artsy gifs gif tumblr post like 2015 privacy beauty
Kitsune Kowai is an animation motion artist whose name is a combination of two words: one meaning “fox” in Japanese, and the other meaning “scary” or “creepy”. In their artsy gif though, there’s nothing, creepy, scary or foxy. It’s simply fun.

Jon Jacobsen

artsy gifs
Jon Jacobsen is an image maker based in Santiago, Chile, who studied graphic design and multimedia communication. His favourite art movements seem to be surrealism and abstraction, as most of his artsy gifs are very much like that.

Damon Scheleur

artsy gifs
Another photographer exploring the field of animation is Damon Scheleur. This successful photojournalist also shoots music videos and sizzle-reels for advertisers, and judging by this gif, he likes to animate as well.


artsy gifs gif
Jaykoe is a London-based artist whose main practice is “drawing and tracing movements in city space-mixing processes to sample and form interventions.” They also do video work, installations, prints and books.

Aleksandr Agafonov

artsy gifs gif
Apparently a doctor, Russian Aleksandr Agafonov started practicing photography in 2009, and since then has been successful at it. His artsy gifs employ abandoned spaces embedded with colourful, geometric forms floating above it.

Marc Lamey

artsy gifs gif
Marc Lamey is a photographer working in the fields of portraiture and fashion. He often shoots nudes invested in cityscapes and unlikely places, so it’s natural that both of these things are also featured in his artsy gifs.

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All gifs courtesy of Saatchi Art’s Motion Photography Prize