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10 Galleries You Loved During the Month of February!

  • steph cop sculptures
February 29, 2016
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

It comes as no surprise to us that a large portion of our readers’ favourite galleries of the month behind us are based in Berlin – after all, you’ll remember how fascinated we were with its incredible art scene in one of our Travel specials. But of course, Berlin isn’t the only city offering some groundbreaking Urban and Contemporary Art. As per usual, we come to revisit what’s currently on view at these remarkable art spaces, and we can already tell you – this is the exact moment we wish we had a private plane at hand, so we could go visit them all. From the Johannes Mundinger show (which got him the title of our Artist of the Week) to the great JonOne one, there are many events we’re losing our heads over. Not to mention the first ever international art fair dedicated to Urban Art is coming to Paris soon, and many of these galleries will be there. Without further ado, scroll down and check out the 10 galleries you loved during the month of February, taken straight from our ever-growing gallery database!

Berlin’s Urban Spree Galerie

It’s an exciting time for yet another Berlin gallery – Urban Spree will join the exciting line-up of the first ever Urban Art Fair in Paris, in April 2016! The event is expected to attract some 10,000 urban art lovers to the French capital. In the meantime, Urban Spree is hosting the great Johannes Mundinger, in an exhibition entitled Unterm Nebel – Below the Fog, dedicated to memories and the things we strive to remember. The artist also painted a beautiful mural on one of gallery’s walls, soaked in abstract blues and foggy feelings alike.

Berlin’s Open Walls Gallery

Well what do you know, we’re still in Berlin! Throughout the month of April, the city’s Open Walls Gallery will welcome a rising star of Iran’s vibrant art scene – Romisa Sakaki. This will be the first solo show for this talented young lady, who will visit the German capital for the showcase of her Selfies in the City. But before that, Open Walls will also join Paris’s first Urban Art Fair, with the works of Vermibus – and speaking of Vermibus, he’ll also show at the gallery in June/July. We can only expect amazing, tongue-in-cheek things from that event!

Australia’s 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

Until March 5th, 2016, the visitors of 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, located in Mermaid Beach in Australia can enjoy the General Exhibition, a get-together of Australian and international artists, like Agostino Iacurci, Okuda, Cope2, Yosi Messiah and many more. And then, on March 19th, the gallery will inaugurate three solo exhibitions: dedicated to Janine Daddo, Roy Wilkins and Marina González Eme, who is having her debut solo show in Australia. All in all, it will be quite colourful at this remarkable gallery, so make sure you pay them a visit!

  • mittenimwald exhibition

Cologne’s 30Works Galerie

January 2016 at 30Works Galerie in Cologne saw the solo exhibition of photographer Joe Børg and his outstanding explorations of other people and the concept of identity. In February, on gallery walls there were artworks by Thomas Baumgärtel, François Coorens, and we also spotted Dzia. Now, they are announcing a new solo show coming up in Cologne, and it will be dedicated to an artist we often see in their announcements – AVone, a widely acclaimed American street artist, one of the leading figures in contemporary Pop Art. Stay tuned for more info!